• ECE-R100 High Current EV Battery Testing Equipment 100mA Explosion Proof Chamber
  • ECE-R100 High Current EV Battery Testing Equipment 100mA Explosion Proof Chamber
  • ECE-R100 High Current EV Battery Testing Equipment 100mA Explosion Proof Chamber
  • ECE-R100 High Current EV Battery Testing Equipment 100mA Explosion Proof Chamber
Good price ECE-R100 High Current EV Battery Testing Equipment 100mA Explosion Proof Chamber online

ECE-R100 High Current EV Battery Testing Equipment 100mA Explosion Proof Chamber

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN5512

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Plywood Case
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 2 sets/month
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Detail Information

Applied Standard: ECE-R100 And Etc. Temperature Range: -40℃ To 800 ℃
Acquisition Rate: 1s Temperature Accuracy: ≥0.5℃
Voltage Acquisition: 0-100V Voltage Accuracy: ±0.1%FS
Measuring Voltage: 0~10000A Current Resolution: 100mA
High Light:

ECE-R100 EV Battery Testing Equipment


100mA EV Battery Testing Equipment


ECE-R100 explosion proof chamber

Product Description



ECE-R100 EV High Current Short Circuit And Temperature Control Explosion-Proof Chamber


Complied Standards & Clauses


This explosion-proof chamber is conforms to the standards ECE-R100, UL1642-2012, UN38.3, QC/T743-2006 and GB/T 31485-2015.


Technical Parameters


Maximum short circuit current ≥10000A
Measurement accuracy ≤5A
Control method PLC color touch + remote control by long distance+ computer monitoring mode, using remote control by long distance and on-site two control modes, the short-circuit process is completed by automatic control.
Arc extinguishing box W500 X H500 X D500mm
Equipment dimensions W700 X H1750 X D800mm
Vacuum range 0 ~ -60Kpa(adjustable)
Device circuit resistance ≤5mΩ
Impulse voltage AC 1kv/1.2-50μs(peak)1min
DC response time ≤5μs
Mechanical life 300,000 times
Electrical life Resistive load 50,000 times, inductive load: resistive load 60%le, 20,000 times
Using electric AC 220V
Wire length 4 meters
Power 1.0KW
Contactor Arc extinguishing, anti-corrosion
Short circuit hold time More than 48H
Response time 20ms
Load power 5KW
Load resistance 0.5mΩ
Radiating Cold wind
Remote control monitoring system The setting of all control parameters, data acquisition, and video recording can be operated by a computer 20m away from the device; the high-speed recording oscilloscope collects the total current and the data collector collects 5 channels of single voltage and total voltage
Data interface USB
Short circuit cable Equipped with fireproof and high temperature resistant short-circuit constantan cable, the length is not less than 5M
Install protective devices It has protection functions such as overvoltage, overheating and overcurrent, as well as protection against short circuit caused by tester's misoperation, positive and negative connection of battery electrodes, etc.
Emergency stop switch Equipped with "emergency stop" button on the main unit

Equipment Overview


Test purpose: The remote control high-current short-circuit device is designed based on the requirements of various battery short-circuit test standards. The short-circuit device must meet the internal resistance range of <5mΩ, so as to obtain the maximum short-circuit current required by the test.


Design overview: The circuit design of the short-circuit device must also be able to withstand the impact of large currents, so we will choose industrial-grade DC electromagnetic contactors, all-copper terminals and internal copper plate diversion, and the built-in active ball axial flow fan provides effective heat dissipation protection, which will make the high-current short-circuit device is safer, effectively reduces the loss of the test equipment, and ensures the accuracy of the test data.




High current contactor Remote on and off DC working voltage up to 750V;
Rated working current 10000A, using vacuum arc extinguishing system;
Low contact resistance of contacts and fast response;
The contactor has reliable action, safety, long service life and convenient maintenance.
Temperature collection Temperature range:-40℃ to 800 ℃;
Temperature sensor: Thermocouple
Acquisition rate:1s
Temperature accuracy: ≥0.5℃
2 channels
Voltage acquisition Voltage acquisition:0-100V,
Voltage accuracy:±0.1%FS
Voltage resolution 10mV
Acquisition rate:1s
Auxiliary voltage acquisition:1channel
Data interface: USB
Current acquisition Measuring voltage:0~10000A;
Current accuracy:≤5A
Current resolution:100mA
Action method: double integration method
Acquisition rate:1s
1 channel
Voltage and temperature acquisition system
Temperature recording range -40℃ ~ 800℃
Voltage recording range 0 ~ 100V, With DC voltage sensor 1 channel
Voltage recording range 0 ~ 10000A, With DC voltage sensor 1 channel
Sampling time 1s
Touch screen for intuitive operation New touchscreen enables swipe, zoom, and tap-and-drag controls for quick navigation in Universal Display Mode functionality
Function description

Flexible user interface;

Compact structure;

Add I/O modules to support more channels


PLC introduction S7-200CN


Processing speed 0.2~12.ms
Memory unit 2K
Digital 248
Analog 35
Features PLC has high operability. It has the characteristics of simple programming, convenient operation, easy maintenance, etc., and is generally not prone to operating errors. The operation of PLC includes the operation of program input and program change. The input of the program can be directly displayed, and the operation of changing the program can also directly follow the required address number or contact number to search or search for the program, and then make changes. PLCs are available in a variety of programming languages. Used for ladder diagram and electrical schematic diagram is closer. The PLC has a self-diagnostic function, which reduces the requirements for maintenance skills of maintenance personnel. When the system fails, maintenance personnel can quickly find the fault location through hardware and software self-diagnosis.
Host size W700 X H1700 X D1000mm
Inner box size 500*500*500
Inner box material

45# Steel plate welding

 ECE-R100 High Current EV Battery Testing Equipment 100mA Explosion Proof Chamber 0


Inner box contactor

Made of red copper, the contact surface is nickel-plated to reduce contact resistance
Vacuum control system

Accurately control the pressure inside the box through vacuum pumps, vacuum valves, pressure sensors, high-pressure gas pipes, joints and other vacuum connectors

Short circuit temperature control explosion-proof chamber
Inner box size W1000 X D1000 X H1000 MM;
Inner box material Stainless steel SUS201 thickness 2·0mm.
Carton size W1200 X D1200 X H1500 MM; thickness 1.5MM
Temperature range RT+10℃~150℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃(Atmospheric pressure without load)
Temperature uniformity ≤2℃(Atmospheric pressure without load)
Temperature deviation ≤±2℃(Atmospheric pressure without load)
Heating rate 3℃/min,nonlinear
Observation window Double layer tempered glass + barbed wire
Bottom of inner box The test area is equipped with a marble board, which is effective in flame retardant and corrosion resistance, and easy to clean
Bottom of box Install 4 universal wheels and 4 fixed feet, which is not only easy to move, but also can be parked and fixed stably
Exhaust system

Independent control, when the test sample produces smoke, the equipment can automatically detect and discharge the smoke through the pipeline

ECE-R100 High Current EV Battery Testing Equipment 100mA Explosion Proof Chamber 1

Automatic explosion-proof pressure relief system

It has an exhaust function, that is, a large amount of exhaust gas generated in the test is discharged to the outside; it has an explosion-proof pressure relief function, that is, there is a magnet adsorption pressure relief door (specification: 300*300mm) at the rear of the protective box. When the strong airflow impacts, the pressure relief The door opens automatically, reducing the impact of the explosion.

Around the explosion-proof box Equipped with a pressure relief hole, the pressure can be released in time
Door of box

It is fixed by high-strength hinges, and at least 3 sets of explosion-proof locks can be installed on the door to be fixed.

Principle of explosion-proof box The double-layer explosion-proof pressure relief structure is adopted, and the pressure relief holes of the inner layer and the outer layer are dislocated and separated, which plays a buffering effect and avoids the ejection of explosive fragments, which plays a role in safety protection.
Fire extinguishing device

The explosion-proof box is equipped with a fire extinguishing device. Once the battery explodes, the fire can be extinguished by remote control, and the fire extinguishing device and system can be opened by remote control.

Lighting system Open a 400X400 glass hole at the top of the test area, 20MM thick tempered glass, and install a group of high-brightness LED lights above the glass to illuminate the entire test space.
Explosion-proof door design The front door of the test box adopts a reinforced design, which can effectively isolate the damage caused by fire and explosion during the test. The door panel adopts a double-layer design with a mezzanine, and the hinge and door lock adopt reinforced equipment-specific standard parts. The window on the door adopts a double-layer explosion-proof design (the inner layer of anti-projectile mesh). The explosion-proof door is equipped with an explosion-proof lock, and an explosion-proof chain is installed on the explosion-proof door for double protection.

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