What test items should the vehicle do?

April 21, 2022

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The development of new automobile products is indispensable to the process of product test verification to verify whether the function, performance and reliability of the product meet the customer's requirements. Next, I will introduce to you the important test items and test requirements of the vehicle product.

1. Automotive material testing

Polymer material testing

Mechanical and mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical insulation properties, chemical resistance testing, artificial accelerated aging, combustion testing, etc.

Reflective test

Size, color, reflective performance, adhesion resistance, impact performance, impact strength, abrasion resistance, salt spray test, compression performance, bending strength, cracks, etc.

Foam material testing

Apparent density, compression set, hardness, tensile properties, water absorption, thermal conductivity, resilience, combustion properties, etc.

Rubber material testing

Density, hardness, tensile properties, impact properties, flexural properties, Mooney viscosity, thermal properties, combustion test, artificial accelerated aging test, chemical resistance, oil resistance test, etc.


2. Automotive exterior parts test

Applicable products: car front and rear plastic (metal) bumpers, metal & non-metallic fenders, mirror housings, engine covers, exterior trims, crash bars, etc.

Test items: mechanical properties, rigidity, deformation test, surface thickness test, adhesion test, corrosion resistance test, abrasion resistance test, high and low temperature environmental test/ultraviolet aging test, ultraviolet/xenon arc aging, high and low temperature environmental mechanical test , Environmental mechanical performance test, dust/rain/flying stone test, metallographic test, non-destructive testing, comprehensive performance test/fatigue durability test, etc.


3. Automotive interior parts test

Applicable products: steering wheel, car door interior parts assembly, glass lift switch, car ceiling, sun visor, interior armrest, pillar trim, trunk, various switches, car seat, car carpet, etc.

Test items: analysis of heavy metal components of materials, analysis of volatile organic compounds, analysis of other restricted components in the car, analysis of flame retardant components of interior materials, combustion performance test, combustion smoke and dust particle test, high and low temperature/damp heat test, high and low temperature impact Test, temperature/humidity/salinity multi-cycle corrosion resistance test, artificial accelerated ultraviolet light/xenon arc light/natural light aging test, mechanical shock, mechanical tension, deformation and other mechanical tests in various environments, dust environment test, mildew Environmental testing, assembly of components, leather/textile performance testing, fogging testing, etc.


4. Airbag test

Electrical test: short-circuit resistance measurement, module resistance, insulation test, etc.

Mechanical test: mechanical vibration test, mechanical shock test, drop test, etc.

Acoustic test

Noise test

Environmental test: temperature shock test, temperature and humidity cycle test, high temperature aging test, etc.

Sealing test: dustproof test, waterproof test


5. Tire test

Dimensions, high-speed testing, dynamic testing, static load testing, strength, durability testing, centrifugal testing, tread wear testing, etc.


6. Chassis parts test

Applicable products: Chassis component testing is suitable for material testing of cast iron, cast aluminum, alloy and plastic rubber components, such as gearboxes, starters, batteries, timing belts, V-belts, radiators, fan assemblies, water pumps, pipes and Hose, clutch, fuel pump, oil pump, fuel/oil/air filter, fuel pipe, exhaust pipe, clutch spring, shock absorber, air conditioner compressor, air conditioner evaporator, etc.

Test items: performance and aging test (dimensional measurement, surface analysis, metallographic analysis, non-destructive testing, surface treatment, corrosion resistance test, environmental resistance test, strength test, function and durability test/fatigue test, etc., electronic vibration test, mechanical impact /Continuous impact test, test the mechanical and mechanical properties of products in various environmental changes


7. Vehicle electrical and electronic equipment testing

Applicable products: Micromotors for vehicles, regulators, relays, retarders, car horns, car signal flashers, various electrical switches, car wiring harnesses, wiring harness connectors, fuses, ignition coils, spark plugs, distributors, wind Window washer, car wiper system, car cigarette lighter, car audio and video system, speakers, etc.

Test items

Electromagnetic interference and anti-interference performance test

High and low temperature, humidity test, temperature shock and other environmental resistance tests of automotive electronics and performance tests in specific environments

Mechanical properties and durability testing of automotive electronics, such as mechanical mechanics, high and low frequency vibration, and impact

Various index tests of automotive electronics in special environments such as dust, rain, acidity, mildew, etc.

Basic performance parameters of automotive electronics, such as current, voltage drop, operating noise, dielectric constant of insulation, temperature rise, insertion force, breakdown voltage, etc.

Special tests for load, overload, insertion and removal times, fatigue and life of automotive electronics, etc.

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8. In-vehicle entertainment system test

Automobile electrical experiment: Parasitic current measurement, startup voltage jump, overvoltage test, voltage drop test, battery voltage drop test, ripple immunity test on power line, open circuit test, ground bias test, power supply bias test, short circuit test, insulation evaluation, etc.


9. Connector test

Electrical test

Voltage drop test, contact resistance measurement, insulation test, transient interruption test

Mechanical test

Mechanical vibration test, free drop test, mechanical shock test, related mechanical test, shell strength test

Environmental test

Temperature shock test, temperature and humidity cycle test, high temperature aging test, anti-corrosion strength test

Environmental test

Low temperature wake-up test, high temperature endurance test, low pressure test, rapid temperature change test, constant temperature and humidity test, air thermal shock test, temperature and humidity cycle test, condensation test, salt spray test

Tightness test

Dust and waterproof IP level test


10. Central control assembly test

Mechanical test

Impact resistance test, structural strength and stiffness test, operational performance test, modal analysis

Acoustic test

Noise test

Environmental test

Dimensional stability test, infrared light aging test, temperature and humidity cycle test


11. Dashboard assembly test

Mechanical test

Impact resistance test, structural rigidity test, operational performance test, modal analysis

Durability Test

Glove box durability test, air outlet durability test, instrument panel assembly durability test, key life test

Acoustic test

Noise test

Environmental test

Dimensional stability test, infrared light aging test, temperature and humidity cycle test


12. Door system test

Basic Electrical Test

Line resistance measurement, overvoltage test, thermal protection test, current measurement test

functional test

Window rocker system blocking force test, glass friction test, functional test in high temperature environment, melting test, glass moving speed test, functional test in low temperature environment, anti-pinch test, running noise test

Strength test

Entry force test, glass fixation test on the window rocker mechanism, lateral test force of glass without door frame system

Durability Test

Normal temperature durability test, environmental durability test, icing test


13. Door interior test

Mechanical test

Dimensional stability test of door trim under force load, dimensional stability of trim area test

Strength test

Door handle test misuse force test, top vertical direction maximum bearing capacity test, pull-out force test, handrail maximum bearing capacity test

Durability Test

Handrail durability test, map bag durability test, door handle durability test

Environmental test

Dimensional stability test, infrared light aging test, temperature and humidity cycle test

Acoustic test

Noise test


14. Lighting system test

Test items: Light distribution performance, luminosity, interior illumination, focusing, temperature and humidity resistance test, vibration test, dustproof test, solvent resistance test, strength test, thermal shock, salt spray test, waterproof test, contact force test, light bulb photoelectric performance

15. Oil quality inspection

Fuel and vehicle oil testing

Main testing products

Gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, lubricating oil, lubricating oil additives, other automotive oils

Main test items

Octane number, cetane number, component analysis, trace sulfur/total sulfur/active sulfur, metal ions, particle distribution, oxidation stability, benzene, nitrogen, density/viscosity, flash point/pour point/cold filter point, Ash/moisture, distillation range, copper/silver corrosion, etc., gum, olefins/alkanes/cycloalkanes/total aromatics, oxides, lubricity, saturated vapor pressure, mercury content, etc.


16. Exhaust emission test

Test items

Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, lead, phosgene, emissions, etc.

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