• IEC 62133 EV Battery Testing Equipment UL2580 RESS 100kN Crush Testing Equipment
  • IEC 62133 EV Battery Testing Equipment UL2580 RESS 100kN Crush Testing Equipment
Good price IEC 62133 EV Battery Testing Equipment UL2580 RESS 100kN Crush Testing Equipment online

IEC 62133 EV Battery Testing Equipment UL2580 RESS 100kN Crush Testing Equipment

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN554-100kN

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Plywood Case
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30 sets/month
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Detail Information

Applied Standard: UL 2580, IEC 62133-2012, UN38.3, UL 2054 Voltage Selection: 0-60V, 60~120V, 120V~700V
Test Channels: Can Be Customized Extrusion Speed: 1~80mm/min (adjustable)
Extrusion Accuracy: ±0.5% Or ±1% Extrusion Method: Landscape, Portrait, Vertical
Extrusion Deformation: 0~100% Multi-speed Step Setting Maximum Displacement: 1000mm
High Light:

IEC 62133 EV Battery Testing Equipment


UL2580 RESS EV Battery Testing Equipment


100kN Crush Testing Equipment

Product Description



UL2580 EV Battery Pack And RESS 100kN Crush Testing Equipment


Complied Standards & Clauses


UL 2580 clause 38 Batteries for use in electric vehicles


GB183322-2001 Metal Hydride Nickel Batteries for Electric Road Vehicles


QC/T743 Lithium-ion battery for electric vehicle


QC/T744 Metal Hydride Nickel Battery for Electric Vehicles


Relevant standards for automotive power batteries international standards (ISO/IEC/SAE/JEVA/CEN, etc.), International

Standards Association and relevant test specifications for major special projects of electric vehicles in the "863 Program"


QB/T2947.3-2008 Battery and Charger for Electric Bicycle Part 3


DB12/T246-2005 Electric bicycle lithium battery test standard.


GB 19521.11-2005 Safety Code for Inspection of Dangerous Characteristics of Dangerous Goods in Lithium Battery Packs


Technical Parameters


Model Specifications SN554-10T SN554-20T SN554-50T SN554-100T SN554-200T SN554-500T
Pressure (T) 10 20 50 100 200 500
Maximum displacement (mm) 500 500 500 1000 1000 1000
Accessibility Voltage, current, temperature collection, surveillance camera collection, fire extinguishing system
Extrusion speed 1~80mm/min (adjustable)
Operation method long distance wireless control
Test space (mm) 500x500x500 mmm, 800x800x800 mm, 1000x1000x1000 mm on request
Dimensions Subject to actual design

Configure metrics


Voltage selection 0-60V, 60~120V, 120V~700V
Temperature acquisition range -200℃~1200℃
Voltage and temperature accuracy ±1%FS
Voltage resolution 1mV
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Function Speed 1~80mm/min (adjustable)
Displacement Maximum displacement 1000mm, can be customized
Structure Vertical, horizontal (can be selected according to the actual size)
Limitation factor Force, displacement (deformation), velocity, voltage
Extrusion method landscape, portrait, vertical
Extrusion deformation 0~100% multi-speed step setting, which can continuously realize multi-layer extrusion deformation state
Squeeze hold time 0~99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds, the time status can be adjusted at will
Drive mode Electric Servo Electro-hydraulic Servo
Extrusion accuracy ±0.5% ±1%
Structure Box Vertical or horizontal structure is separated from the control section
Communication Adopt R232, 485 communication interfaces, can ensure the stability and real-time performance of long-distance acquisition, with explosion-proof function
Extrusion jig Heterosexual extrusion head (300*150mm), flat extrusion disk, arc extrusion disk (radius 75mm), different fixtures can be selected according to different standards
Data acquisition module Independent remote acquisition and isolation, multiple voltage, temperature, and current acquisition channels to ensure that the data is correct.
Standard number of channels 2 channels, 4 channels, 8 channels, optional
Camera surveillance system The test area is equipped with a high-definition camera monitoring system, which can be remotely controlled and has explosion-proof function
The standard configuration Extrusion host, computer cabinet, control software, voltage/current/temperature acquisition system, extrusion fixture, camera monitoring system, fire extinguishing system, computer. One set for each.
Safety protection Leakage, over temperature, over voltage, overload, over current protection, abnormal sound and light alarm, smoke alarm light
Test Fixture Specific production, according to the actual use conditions of the sample
Voltage AC220V 50HZ AC380V, 50HZ, three-phase five-wire system
Use environment 0℃~45℃

Equipment Overview

1. Requirements for explosion-proof grade:

1.1 Overall grade: Explosion-proof grade Exsd IIBT4.

1.2 Exhaust fan: use high temperature resistant explosion-proof motor.

1.3 Lights: high-brightness explosion-proof lighting.

1.4 Switch: fire and explosion-proof switch.

1.5 Equipment door: fire retardant and stainless-steel protective net.


2. The operating system:

2.1 Set manual and automatic operation modes and two process forms of fixed stroke and constant pressure.

2.2 The manual mode does not need to edit the process, and the conditions are manually controlled; the automatic mode is to automatically work according to the edited process (displacement, pressure, pressure holding time, etc.)

2.3 According to the special requirements of customers, we can specially design and produce to meet the customer's production process requirements and optional configuration to the greatest extent.

2.4 Horizontal and vertical/adjustable and fixed speed/automatic fire extinguishing device/video surveillance system/5T-2000T can be specially ordered


3. Data acquisition system:

3.1 Developed and designed with ARM7+μC/OSⅡ, the frequency can be set online at least 10ms in real time, and the displacement and pressure can be independently programmed.

3.2 Multi-channel data sampling module, the voltage and temperature acquisition channel adopts N*4 mode (expandable).

3.3 Equipped with RS232 and RS485 serial ports, which can be connected to multiple testing instruments to realize automatic data acquisition, with strong anti-interference ability.

3.4 The whole process of video monitoring is adopted in the test to ensure high accuracy of test data and stable operation.

3.5 The data is automatically recorded and stored online, and the test report is automatically generated.


4. Principle:

The data acquisition system is placed at the monitored control equipment, and the voltage or temperature signal of the equipment is sampled and held through the sensor, and sent to the A/D converter to become a digital signal, and then the signal is sent to the FIFO. When the data stored in the FIFO reaches a certain number, it is read out from the FIFO by the ARM7, and then sent to the host computer through the Ethernet connection of the ARM7 or RS232. Considering that there may be many devices to be monitored, multiple acquisition channels are designed, and they go through the analog switch and then enter the A/D converter. CPLD is the control core of the whole system. It controls the switching of the acquisition channel, the start/stop of the A/D converter, the storage address generator of the converted data in the FIFO, and the generation of an interrupt request to notify the ARM7 to read and store it in the FIFO. data etc.


5. Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system adopts a variable pump oil supply system, a large flow centralized control valve block, an oil suction filter at the oil inlet of the pump, and a high-pressure oil filter at the pump outlet to prevent impurities from entering the hydraulic system to ensure the normal operation of the oil circuit. There is oil temperature, oil level display, air filter and other devices in the system. The fuel tank is a steel plate welded structure with a cleaning window and a screw plug for oil and sewage drainage at the bottom.


6. Explosion-proof system

It adopts double-layer thickened steel plate and stainless-steel protective net design, and all electrical components adopt explosion-proof components and protective isolation measures.


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