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Water Ingress Testing Equipment IPX1 IPX8 Ingress Protection Test System

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN4418

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Plywood Case
Delivery Time: 45 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
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Detail Information

Applied Standard: IEC60529 And Etc. IP Code: IPX To IPX8
Control Mode: PLC & Touch Screen Flowmeter Type: Turbine Flowmeter
Large Flow Range: 10-100L/min Small Flow Range: 1-10L/min
IPX1/2 Drip Area: WD=1000×1000mm IPX3/4 Oscillating Tubes: R200~R1600mm Optional
IPX5/6 Spray: Open Type IPX7 Immersion: 500L Tank
IPX8 Immersion: Ф600×1200mm Turntable Size: Φ600mm
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500L tank Water Ingress Testing Equipment


IPX8 Protection Water Ingress Testing Equipment


IPX1 ingress protection test equipment

Product Description



IEC 60529 IPX1 to IPX8 Protection Against Water Ingress Test System


Complied Standards & Clauses


IEC 60529:2013 “Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP code)” IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7,IPX8


Equipment Overview


Samples and Restrictions: Electrical and electronic products, automobiles, motorcycle parts, household appliances, communication products, outdoor lighting and signal devices, etc.


Structure: The test equipment consists of a drip mechanism, an oscillating mechanism, a water jet mechanism, an immersion tank, an electrical control cabinet and a turntable. The bracket of drip box is wall-hanging and with anti-drop function, which can lift automatically controlled by motor. One end of the oscillating mechanism is mounted on the wall, and the other end of the oscillating mechanism is fixed on the floor support, the tube is caused to oscillate by motor driving. The nozzle is fixed on the floor stand support. The water tank and electrical control part are integrated, the sample basket lifting is driven by electric hoist. The rotation speed of turntable is adjustable, used for IPX1 ~IPX6 test, and can be tilted 15°, used for IPX2 test. The test equipment is equipped with a water filter cleaning device to prevent pinhole blockage. This whole system adopts open type structure.



To verify the protective performance of the enclosure for electronic and electrical products, automobiles, motorcycle parts, household appliances, seals and lamps under:

Water dripping at degree IPX1 and IPX2

Water spraying and splashing at degree IPX3 and IPX4.

Water jets at degree IPX5 and IPX6

Temporary immersion in water at degree IPX7

Continuous immersion in water at degree IPX8


Principle: Ensure that the water drip, water spray or water jet speed reach the standard required value by controlling the water supply flow, and achieve equivalent pressure by controlling the depth of the sample immersed in water, produce a uniform flow of water or pressure over the whole area of the enclosure.


Use Environment:

Power supply: AC380V±5%/50Hz, 15KVA, or match client’s local power supply requirements.

Use place: temperature 15-35 ° C, relative humidity 25%-75%, atmospheric pressure 86 ~ 106kpa (860 mbar -1060 mbar), there should be equipped with lighting and waterproof leakage switch (or socket), the ground needs to be flat, and the water intake and drainage function should be good.

Water source: clean water or tap water without impurities, equipped with water cleaning filter.


Technical Parameters

1. Electrical Control Cabinet & Water Immersion Tank
Electrical Control Cabinet

Flow detection: electronic flow meter flow signal feedback

Flow setting: Set on the touch screen

Controller: Mitsubishi PLC

Human machine interface: 7-inch, color touch screen

Control function: constant current water supply, constant pressure water supply, vertical drip rain control, osillating rain control, water spray and jet control, continuous immersion control, turntable rotation control, test time control, etc.

Protection function: leakage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection

Application Range Water supply and control for IPX1-6 test, IPX7 temporary immersion test, IPX continuous immersion test
Water Supply Method Constant flow water supply, constant pressure water supply
Water Supply Control Process The electronic flow meter and digital pressure gauge monitor the current values in real time after user sets the flow and pressure values on the touch screen, the data is read into the PLC through data conversion, and then the water pump speed is adjusted through the frequency converter. The system has two channels of water supply: one large flow branch and one small flow branch.
Large Flow Branch

◆ Applied to IPX5/6 strong water jet test

◆ Flow range: 10-100L/min

◆ Flow accuracy: ±0.5L/min

◆ Flowmeter: turbine flowmeter

◆ Water pump: stainless steel centrifugal pump

Small Flow Branch

◆ Applied to IPX1/2/3/4 water spray test

◆ Flow range: 1-10L/min

◆ Flow accuracy: ±0.5L/min

◆ Flowmeter: small turbine flowmeter

◆ Water pump: stainless steel centrifugal water pump

◆ Pressure range: 0.1-3Kg/cm2

◆ Pressure display: digital display, using digital pressure gauge

Immersion Tank / Water Storage Tank

◆ Can be used for water supply of IPX1-6 test and IPX7 & IPX8 immersion test

◆ Volume: 500L

◆ Tank size: W600mmXD600mmXH1400mm

◆ Observation window: tempered glass window

◆ Observation Window size: W200mmXH1250mm

◆ Depth gauge: stainless steel scale

◆ Scale length: 1300mm, resolution 1mm

◆ Level control: float switch + overflow tube

Water Supply Pipeline The water supply of the system is distributed to each equipment through the PVC hoses according to the site layout, controlled by the electromagnetic water valve separately of each equipment. The water supply pipeline is installed with a drain valve. After the test is completed, the water in the water pipe is automatically removed.
Filter Stainless steel casing, fine filter element
Safety Protection Phase sequence protection, leakage protection, water shortage protection, abnormal protection
2. IPX1/2 Vertical Water Drip Box Test Device
Drip Area WD=1000×1000mm, other sizes can be customized
Drip Height 200mm distance of the needle to the sample is automatically measured by infrared sensor
Drip Speed / Water Flow 1+0.5 0mm/min or 3+0.5 0mm/min switchable, rainfall is digitally controlled
Needle Pinhole Aperture Φ0.4mm
Drip Hole Spacing 20mm×20mm
Drip Box Lifting Driven by motor, adjustable from 1100-1800mm, screw guide ensures smooth lifting and self-locking
Test Time 0-99.9min, can be preset
3. IPX3/4 Oscillating Tubes Water Spray Test Device
Oscillating Tube Radius R200, R400, R600, R800, R1000, R1200, R1400, R1600mm are optional, made of stainless steel
Needle Pinhole Aperture Φ0.4mm
Spray Holes Distribution

IPX3:over an arc of 60° either side of the center point (120°)

IPX4:over the whole 180° of the semicircle

Hole spacing: 50mm

IPX3/4 Switching Switching by changing a certain number of blind hole needles or through-hole needles
Oscillating Angle IPX3:120°(±60°); IPX4:350°(±175°)
Oscillating Speed

IPX3:4s /cycle(2×120°);

IPX4:12s /cycle(2×350°);

Water Flow 1-10L/min adjustable
Test Time 0.01S~99.9 min, can be preset
4. IPX3/4 Hand-held Water Spray Nozzle
Parameters of Spray Nozzle Outer diameter: Ф102mm, spherical diameter: SФ75.5mm, 1 hole at the center, 2 inner circles of 12 holes at 30° pitch,4 outer circles of 24 holes at 15° pitch , total 121 holes of Ф0.5mm, made of brass.
Water Flow 10L/min±5%, flow meter is adjustable manually through rotameter, electronic flowmeter can be optional
Pressure 50~150Kpa, the pressure gauge measuring range: 0~0.25Mpa
Moving Shield Made of aluminum, can be detachable
Water Spraying Direction The water spraying angle can be adjustable, the IPX 3&4 spray nozzle shares the same support with IPX 5&6 hose nozzle
Test Duration 0.01S~99.9 min, can be preset
5. IPX5/6 Hand-held Water Jet Nozzle
Parameters of Hose Nozzle IPX5: Ф6.3mm; IPX6: Ф12.5mm
Water Flow IPX5: 12.5±0.625L/min; IPX6: 100±5 L/min, flow meter is adjustable through rotameter manually, electronic flowmeter can be optional
Distance from Nozzle to Enclosure Surface 2.8m ((The distance from the nozzle to the center surface of the turntable, standard requires 2.5-3m)
Water Jetting Direction The water spraying angle can be adjustable
Nozzle Fixed Method The IPX 5&6 hose nozzle and IPX 3&4 spray nozzle are fixed on the same support
Pressure Gauge 0~0.25MPa, can be displayed
Test Duration 0.01S~99.9min, can be preset
6. IPX7 Temporary Immersion Chamber
Chamber Size & Volume Inner chamber size: WDH=600*600mm*1400mm,500L
Highest Test Water Depth 1200mm, with a scale, resolution of the scale: 1mm
Basket Size Stainless steel hanging basket: WD=500×500mm
Lifting Control Controlled by electric hoist
Test Duration Manually control
Observation Window Tempered glass window, window size: W200mmXH1200mm
7. IPX8 Continuous Immersion Container
Operation Method Preset parameters, automatic pressurization, automatic pressure relief
Container Size Inner size: Ф600×1200mm, overall: WDH=800×980mm×1850mm
Water Depth Test Range 0-50 m
Air Pressure Corresponding Adjustment Range 0-0.5MPa, can be automatically adjusted by pressure sensor, accuracy: 0.001MPa
Safety Valve Discharge Pressure 0.55MPa
Test Duration 0-9999 min
8. Turntable
Diameter Φ600mm
Rotation Speed 1r/min
Bearing Capacity ≤50kg
Other Features Waterproof, can be tilted 15°, with lifting support frame
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