Good price VW 80000 Thermal Shock Test Chamber Splash Water Test Equipment MBN LV 124-2 K-12 online

VW 80000 Thermal Shock Test Chamber Splash Water Test Equipment MBN LV 124-2 K-12

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN4421

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Plywood Case
Delivery Time: 45 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20 sets/month
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Applied Standard: MBN LV 124-2, VW-80000, Etc. Test Sample: Vehicle Components
Nominal Internal Volume: 800L Or Customized Heating Temperature: Rt 10 °C ~ 120 °C
Heating Rate: RT+10°C ~105°C≤15min Water Flow: 3-4 Liters Per Splash / Nozzle
Test Cycle: Splashing 3s Every 30min Water Temperature: 0-4℃
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VW 80000 thermal shock test chamber


MBN LV 124-2 K-12 thermal shock test chamber


VW 80000 temperature shock test chamber

Product Description



MBN LV 124-2 K-12 Thermal Shock With Splash Water Test Equipment


Complied Standards & Clauses


MBN LV 124-2 2013-08 “Electric and Electronic Components in Passenger Cars up to 3.5t- General Requirements, Test Conditions and Tests-Part 2: Environmental Requirements” clause 9.12 K-12 Thermal Shock with Splash Water

VW-80000:2009-10 “Electric and Electronic Components in Motor Vehicles up to 3.5t General Requirements, Test Conditions and Tests” clause 11.12 K-12 Temperature Shock with Splash Water

ISO16750-4:2006 “Road vehicles -Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment-Part 4: Climatic loads” clause 5.4.2 Ice water shock test.

GB/T28046.4-2011 “Road vehicles -Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment-Part 4: Climatic loads” clause 5.4.2 Ice water shock test.


Equipment Overview


Samples and Restrictions: Automotive electrical and electronic components, dimensions to be determined. This test equipment prohibits the tests of flammable, explosive, volatile substances; the test of stored corrosive substances; the tests of storage of biological; the tests of storage of strong electromagnetic emission samples.


Application: This test simulates the load of the component when exposed to splash water as it occurs when driving through puddles. The test serves to verify functioning of the component when subjected to shock-type cooling by means of water. This happens when driving on water roads during the winter. Failure modes are mechanical cracking of the materials or seal failures caused by different temperature expansion coefficients.


Principle: Spray the sample heated to the test temperature with a de-ionized water (0-4°C, tap water containing 3% Arizona dust by weight, fine, in accordance with ISO 12103-1. Permanent mixing shall be ensured), at a distance of 300-350 mm from the sample. Each splash duration 3 s, and the water flow is 3-4liters per splash/nozzle. The transition duration <20 s (for manual transition of DUT between temperature storage and splashing) (only required by ISO 16750-4 and GB/T28046.4).


Use Environment: The ambient temperature is +25 ° C, the relative humidity is ≤ 85% R. H, and the value measured under the condition of no sample in the test chamber.


Structure: Chamber type structure, heating and ice water impact are completed in two chambers, with partitions in the middle.


Technical Parameters


Nominal Internal Volume 800 L or can be customized
Inner Chamber Effective Size 800× 800×1000(mm) or subject to actual design
Heating box area Right side
sample holder size To be determined
Outer size 1500*1220*1780(mm) W×D×H or subject to actual design
Weight 500kg or subject to actual design
Working noise ≤75db, is measured 1 meter away from the machine in front of the machine and 1.2 meters away from the ground
Maximum power 6kw or subject to actual design
Maximum current 40A or subject to actual design
Power supply

AC380V single-phase R, N + protection ground;

voltage allowable fluctuation range of 10% V;

Frequency allowable fluctuation range 50±0.5HZ;

TN-S mode power supply or TT mode power supply;


Protective earthing wire grounding resistance is less than 4Ω


The user is required to configure the air or power switch of the corresponding capacity for the equipment at the installation site, and the switch must be independently controlled.


When the equipment is used to place the power sample in the box, the sample power supply should use the external power supply, and the power supply of the machine should not be used directly;

Heating temperature range Rt 10 °C ~ 120 °C, can be set
Heating rate RT+10°C ~105°C≤15min
Water flow 3-4 liters per splash / nozzle
Splash nozzle

Made according to figure 31 of MBN LV 124-2 ( or figure 38 of VW8000, etc.)

If the width of the DUT is much larger than a single splash nozzle splash width, multiple splash nozzles should be arranged into a row to splash water to DUT

VW 80000 Thermal Shock Test Chamber Splash Water Test Equipment MBN LV 124-2 K-12 0

Splash mode Nozzle spray DUT horizontally
Splash water temperature 0-4℃, Refrigeration compressor + mixing water pump
Test medium for splashing Tap water containing 3%. Arizona dust by weight, fine, in accordance with ISO 12103-1. Permanent mixing shall be ensured.
Distance of nozzle to DUT 300~350mm
Number of samples that can be placed Single or Multiple [the overall size is in the range of W × H × D300 × 400 × 500 (mm)]
Test cycle Splashing 3s every 30min. Cycle time can be set, as shown in figure 30 of MBN LV 124-2 or figure 37 of VW8000,etc.
Number of cycles 100, can be set
Nozzle arrangement

Lined up on the left side of the inner chamber, facing the sample


VW 80000 Thermal Shock Test Chamber Splash Water Test Equipment MBN LV 124-2 K-12 1



Test sample fixation

Fixed on the mounting frame in the chamber,the direction is same as the direction of the loading direction.
Chamber structure

Inner chamber material: SUS316# stainless steel 1.2mm thick;

Outer chamber material: SUS304# stainless steel 1.0mm thick;


Heating blowing box: SUS304# stainless steel 1.0mm thick, inside and outside two layers, with heat insulation material in the middle, located on the right side of the test chamber.;


The control box and the test chamber are integral;

The spray water is recovered at the bottom of the test chamber;

The spray nozzle is located on the left side of the test chamber and is fixed by one side;


The bottom of the test chamber is welded into a mesh structure by channel steel, the upper surface is laid with steel plate for mounting the sample mounting frame chassis, and open hole connection blowing heating system on the right side of the test chamber.

Chamber door

Single door

Explosion-proof handle

Fog transparent window

Window wiper

Observation window Located on the door, size 600x600mm
Lighting Indoor lighting
Control panel Control man-machine interface, power switch, lighting switch, reserve 7inch man-machine interface
Power distribution control cabinet Total power circuit breaker, human-machine interface controller, power distribution board, cooling fan, over-temperature protector, water pump.
Water recovery system Use the bottom recycling cycle to achieve water conservation
Mud water supply system The SUS316# stainless steel is used to make the mud water supply water tank, and the mud water anti-crystallization stirring device, the mud water supply water pump and the water supply pipe pressure regulating device are ensured to ensure the constant pressure constant current supply spray.
Mud water supplement Manually, the prepared muddy water can be directly introduced into the mud tank.
Pipe cleaning system In order to prevent the clogging of the pipeline soil, the water supply will be automatically started after the test, and the soil in the pipeline will be cleaned. The professional clean water supply solenoid valve.
Water supply Directly connected to the water pipe, the required water supply pressure ≥ 2kgf / cm2
Electrical control system

LCD touch screen controller

Divided into heating cycle, spray cycle, pump action, cleaning action, etc.

Cooling system Using the France Tecumseh compressor
Communication Can be used as a monitoring and remote-control system to record test data
Operation mode Program mode / setting mode
Setting mode Chinese / English interface, touch input
operation control External operation stops switch signal connector, after turning on the power, simply short the connector to command the controller to execute or stop the action
Safety protection
Spray pump Overload protection, short circuit protection
Power Leakage protection, overload and short circuit protection
Stirring motor Overload protection, short circuit protection
Storage environment requirements The ambient temperature should be kept within 0 °C ~ +35 °C
Installation site requirements The left and right-side wall panels of the test chamber shall not be less than 800mm from the wall, and the distance from the front wall to the wall shall not be less than 1000mm. Please confirm whether the equipment can enter the doorway or passage, elevator, etc., so as not to affect the progress of your project.
Transport mode Transportation of the whole machine
Questions & Answers


Q: What is the Inner Chamber Effective Size for this device?
A: Can be customized


Q: What is the Water recovery system for this device?
A: It uses the bottom recycling cycle to achieve water conservation



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