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IEC 60068-2-52 Walk In Salt Spray Corrosion Environmental Test Chamber

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN8810C

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Other
Delivery Time: 45 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
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Detail Information

Applied Standard: IEC 60068-2-52 And Etc. Working Volume: 5.4 CBM
Inner Chamber Material: 10MM Thick PP Plastic Board Outer Chamber Material: 10MM Thick PP Plastic Board
Temperature Range: 15℃~70℃ Humidity Range: 50%~98%R.H.
Spray Volume: 1 To 2ml/h Adjustable Spray Pressure: 1.00±0.01kgf/cm2
High Light:

NSS Walk In Environmental Test Chamber


CASS Walk In Environmental Test Chamber


Comprehensive Salt Spray Test Chamber

Product Description



Walk-In Comprehensive Salt Spray Test Chamber


Complied Standards & Clauses

This walk-in comprehensive salt spray test chamber can perform neutral salt spray test (NSS), acetic acid salt spray test (ASS), copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS) according to GB/T10125-2012, ASTM B117-2002, BS7479:1991, cyclic corrosion test can also be carried out according to IEC 60068-2-52 kb test, GM9540P, PV1210 and other standards.

This test chamber meets the requirements of ES 5454, GJB150A, ASTM B117, ASTM B368, ASTM B380, ASTM D1735, ASTM D2247, ASTM G85 A1, GM4465P, ISO9227, DIN 50021, PV1210, NES M0007, 33 (CCT-1 method),etc.


Technical Parameters

1. Inner chamber capacity

5.4 cubic meters

Can be customized

2. Inner chamber size

1500*1500*2400mm (W*D*H)

Can be customized

3. Outer dimensions

1800*2000*3000mm (W*D*H)

Subjected to actual design

4. Temperature range 15℃~70℃ (Adjustable)
5. Temperature accuracy Temperature resolution: 0.01℃
Temperature uniformity: ≤2℃
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃
6. Heating and cooling rate

Heating up: 15℃~+60℃≤50min,

Cooling down: +60℃~15℃≤70min,

7. Humidity range 50%~98%R.H.
8. Humidity deviation



9. Spray volume 1.0~2.0 mL/80cm2/H (collect at least 16 hours, take the average value)
10. Spray pressure 1.00±0.01kgf/cm2
11. PH value of potion Neutral 6.0~7.0; Acidic 3.0~3.1
12. Spray solution PH value: Neutral 6.5~7.2; Acidic 3.1~3.3
13. Time range 1S ~ 9999H, the time can be set arbitrarily
14. Neutral salt water spray test temperature Test room: 35℃±1℃, saturated air barrel: 47℃±1℃
15. Drying test temperature Laboratory temperature: 50~70℃±2℃, humidity: less than 30%±3%RH
16. Wetting test Laboratory temperature: 40~50℃±2℃, humidity: more than 93%RH, adjustable
17. Room temperature maintenance Keep the laboratory temperature at 25℃±1℃
18. Inner chamber material 10MM thick PP plastic board
19. Outer chamber material 10MM thick PP plastic board
20. Door opening size The gate is set in the depth direction and adopts a single door structure, size: 1100×1500mm (W*H, the size can be adjusted)
21. Observation window There is an observation window (size: 300×400 mm (W*H), which can be adjusted) on the door, it is the hollow resistive film heating and anti-frost observation window
22. Product weight Approx. 1000 Kg
23. Product power supply Three-phase five-wire, 20KW
24. The internal design of the salt spray chamber

The top design and the condensate on the inner wall will not drip on the test sample (slope structure is adopted)

IEC 60068-2-52 Walk In Salt Spray Corrosion Environmental Test Chamber 0


Equipment Overview

This system is composed of conditioning chamber, dry heater, evaporator (refrigeration), humidifier extension pipe, centrifugal fan, etc. The purpose is to adjust the dry temperature and humid air in the conditioning chamber after sufficient mixing, and sent into the working chamber, enter into the return air vent, sent back to the adjustment cavity to continue the cycle, repeating the cycle.

Adopting the air-flow spray method and the principle of siphon, the absorbed salt solution is atomized through the nozzle, and the atomization particle size is uniform, which can ensure the continuity and stability of the test.


Standard configuration:

S.N. Brand Specification
Inner chamber material   PP plastic board with 10MM thick
Outer chamber material   PP plastic board with 10MM thick
Unit and control chamber   PP plastic board with 10MM thick
Double-open door    
Observation window   30*40CM
Cycle motor   750W
Compressor French Tecumseh Fully enclosed
Condenser   Forced convection fin type
Evaporator   Titanium alloy 3/8 fin type
Oil separator   AW series
High and low voltage switch Danfoss  
The electromagnetic valve Castel  
Expansion valve    
Refrigerant Juhua R404A
Controller Taiwan Weinview  
Sensor Imported PT100
Switch Taiwan Mein Well Leakage protection type
Contactor Schneider  
Heating pipe   Titanium alloy
Under-reverse phase protector Delixi  
Over temperature protection Korean rainbow 50℃~300℃
Solid state relay Taiwan Migair 40DA
Relay Schneider 220V
Cable   0.75~10
Pneumatic accessories    
Saturation bucket    
Measuring cylinder    
Brine bucket    
Three-color light    
Collection cup    

Description of Equipment Performance

1. Inner chamber material PP plastic board with 10MM thick
2. Outer chamber material PP plastic board with 10MM thick
3. Reagent supplement bottle Hidden integrated reagent refill bottle, which is easy to clean and easy to operate.
4. Pressure saturation barrel It is made of SUS316#, 2MM thick stainless steel, with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and best heat preservation effect.
5.Test chamber door The chamber door adopts single-open door, and the door size is 800*1800MM, which is convenient for test products and testers to enter and exit. There is an observation window (size: 300×400 mm (W*H), which can be adjusted) on the door, it is the hollow resistive film heating and anti-frost observation window, which is made of double-layer vacuum tempered glass with heating system. Operator can see the entire test space from the observation window; and it effectively isolate the heat exchange inside and outside the chamber and salt spray leakage.
6. Heating circulation system (1) The air duct motor adopts stainless steel long shaft high temperature resistant motor, equipped with 304 stainless-steel + baking paint material centrifugal wind wheel and forced internal circulation with the advantages of low noise, fast wind speed, strong wind, etc.
(2) The circulating air duct adopts the design mode of upper air outlet and lower air return, which can make the temperature and humidity fluctuations in the entire environmental warehouse have small fluctuations and good uniformity;
(3) The heating tube is made of titanium alloy, with the advantages of resistant to high and low temperature, damp heat, and salt spray corrosion. It can ensure the stable operation of the system for a long time.
7. Cooling System (1) The original imported French Tecumseh refrigeration compressor is used for cooling and dehumidification of the system
(2) Air-cooled condenser, which can adapt to different temperature and humidity environments
(3) High-efficiency multi-stage fin evaporator (titanium alloy material, guaranteed to be non-corrosive), multi-stage structure, make full use of the compressor's cooling capacity, meet the test requirements to the greatest extent, save electricity consumption, and extend the use of the compressor life.
(4) The refrigerating oil is separated from the refrigerant, so that the two substances perform their duties
(5) Store the liquid components in the refrigerant to prevent the compressor from generating liquid hammer
(6) The refrigeration capacity of Danfoss solenoid valve coarse adjustment system
(7) The filter drier is used to block solid particles such as iron filings, welding slag and dirt, so as not to block the passage. The dryer is used to absorb the moisture circulating with the refrigerant to avoid "ice plugs" at the expansion valve and passage.
(8) To absorb the vibration generated by the compressor and protect the entire pipeline system.

8. Control system

 IEC 60068-2-52 Walk In Salt Spray Corrosion Environmental Test Chamber 1

1) Taiwan Weinview 7-inch TFT true color LED LCD touch screen interface (65535 true color, resolution is 800*480)

The product adopts resistive high-precision touch screen operation mode, and operator can directly use the touch pen to click on the screen to select functions or set parameters.

(2) The program capacity can reach 127 programs, 1520 sections, super long operation, 32000 hours per section, maximum 32000 cycles.
(3) Screen display function: LCD display screen can display test conditions (including temperature section, cycle times, running time and remaining time, etc.).
(4) It is convenient to use in various production conditions with process control and fixed value control functions.
(5) The temperature slope setting can freely control the running time and heating rate.
(6) Appointment start function, after the system time reaches the set time, the system will automatically run, and the running time and working status of the aging room can be controlled freely.
(7) Power-off restart function, select cold start/hot start/interrupt operation.
(8) The temperature control adopts P.I.D.+S.S.R. system. Synchronization and coordinated control of system can improve the stability and life of the control components and interfaces.
(9) Real-time curve and historical curve query, which is convenient for users to observe temperature changes in real time.
(10) History dump function.
(11) File backup function.
(12) Externally equipped with a USB connection interface, which can be connected to a computer for remote operation. It has the functions of saving and printing curves and experimental data.
(13) Run the accumulation function, which is convenient for customers to check the product usage status for corresponding maintenance and maintenance.
(14) The screen saver function can better extend the service life of the LCD screen.
(15) When the system is faulty, it can display fault information, fault reasons and solutions, etc.
(16) It has a permission level setting function to avoid user maloperation.
(17) English interface.

(18) Control mode:

PID (proportional-integral-derivative) automatic calculation, PID control is simple and easy to understand, and does not require precise system models and other prerequisites in use.

(19) In the setting, if an error occurs, a warning signal will be provided.
(20) The function of switching on and off (the test chamber lighting can be controlled by the controller), which can save the designer's cost and increase the convenience of use.
(21) Temperature sensor: using DIN PT-100Ω (platinum sensor).
9. Circuit design Fully digital circuit design, accurate temperature control, high-quality electrical materials, reasonable wiring design, long service life, and complete testing functions.
10. Adding water method With automatic/manual water filling function, it can automatically replenish the water level without interrupting the test when the water level is insufficient. The test chamber requires to have an external water inlet, and equip with an automatic water inlet solenoid valve and a water level sensor, to realize automatic water replenishment to the test chamber; in order to achieve the purpose of unattended laboratory.)
11. Mist seal The mist seal door is sealed with a silicone strip to prevent mist from leaking out.
12. Air supply system The air pressure is 1Kg/cm² and adjusted in two sections. The first section is roughly adjusted to 2Kg/cm², adopting imported air filters with drainage function. The second section is a precision adjustment 1Kg/cm², ¼ pressure gauge, and the display is precise and accurate.
13. Spray method The Bernoulli principle: absorbs salt water and then atomizes, the degree of atomization is uniform, and there is no phenomenon of blocking crystallization, which can ensure continuous testing. Continuous and intermittent spraying.
14. Nozzle Precision crystal glass mouth (PYREX) 10000 hours to ensure that there is no concern about crystal blockage.
15. Spray volume The spray volume is adjustable from 1 to 2ml/h (the ml/80cm2/h standard requires 16 hours of testing to find the average volume). The measuring cylinder adopts built-in installation, with the merits of beautiful and neat appearance, convenient operation and observation, and reducing the installation space of the instrument.
16. Defogging system Clear the salt mist in the test chamber when the machine is shut down to prevent corrosive gas from flowing out and damaging other precision instruments in the test chamber.
17. Safety protection device

1. When it is in the low water level, the power supply is automatically cut off, and the safety warning light device dynamically displays/buzzes to alarm.

2. When the temperature is over, the heater power is automatically cut off, and the safety warning light device is displayed dynamically.

3. When it is in the low reagent (salt water) water level, the safety warning light device dynamically displays.

4. Leakage protection function is to prevent personal injury and instrument failure caused by line leakage or short circuit.

5. The pressure-saturated barrel heating tank of the laboratory adopts a liquid expansion safety temperature controller 0~110℃ (Rainbow of South Korea). It adopts automatic and manual water adding systems, which automatically or manually replenishes the water level of the pressure tank and the laboratory to prevent water shortage and ultra-high temperature damage to the instrument

18. Brine tank The test chamber needs to be set up with a large salt water pool to allow continuous spraying for more than 60 hours without adding salt water.
Questions & Answers

Q: What is the Effective Volume for this device?
A: It is 5.4 cubic meters
. The working volume can be customized.


Q: What is the Inner Chamber Size for this device?
A: It is 1500*1500*2400mm (W*D*H).


Q:Is the size and temperature of the device fixed?
A: The size and temperature of the device can be customized, please contact us for tailored proposals.


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