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IEC62196 Electric Vehicle Charging Gun Plug Life And Temperature Rise Testing System

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SNQC1018

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Applied Standard: IEC 62196-1Ed.4CDV 2020 Output Adjustable Test Current: DC10 ~ 2000.0A Continuously Adjustable
Current Stability: ± (2% Set Value + 5 Words) Current Accuracy: ± (1% Reading + 5 Digits)
Working Power: AC220V±10%,50Hz,20A Equipment Weight: About 450Kg
Voltage Stability: (2% Set Value + 5 Words) Insertion Time: 1~999.9s Can Be Set

Product Description



IEC62196 Electric Vehicle Charging Gun Plug Life And Temperature Rise Testing System


Complied Standards & Clauses

This test equipment is suitable for electric vehicles according to IEC 62196-1:2020 clause 22,23,24, IEC60309-1: 2012 clause 20,21,22, IEC60998, IEC60669. IEC61058, IEC60439, EIA-3 64-70 and other standards.


Technical Parameter

Drive device Servo motor, lead screw, guide rail
Device structure The test device is placed horizontally and is welded by the national standard 40mmx40mm square through frame, and the sealing plate is formed by CNC machining of 1.2mm electrolytic plate.
Controller The system uses a 15-inch industrial computer and a programmable logic controller (PLC) logic intelligent control device to work.
Ability range Can meet all 2p+E, 3P+E, 3P+E+N and other specifications, AC rated current ≤ 250A or DC ≤ 250A socket (plug) product testing.
Action speed The speed of plug or connector insertion and withdrawal is set arbitrarily (0.1~0.80) m/s, which fully meets the requirements of 0.8 ± 0.1) m/s specified in the standard
Test rate The rate at which a plug or connector is inserted and withdrawn from an outlet or appliance inlet is 7.5 strokes per minute
Drive system The ball screw is driven by a servo motor and guided by a mute slide, so that the clamp can reciprocate left and right, which can provide a maximum insertion force of 500N
Insertion stroke 0~200mm can be set arbitrarily (that is, the stroke of the servo motor to drive the movement of the left clamp), the resolution is 0.1mm
Fixture base A linear slide rail is used inside and outside the upper and lower sides, which can ensure the straightness of the fixture and the strength of the guiding structure during the operation.
Test station 1 station independent
Number of trials 1~999999 times can be set arbitrarily, when the count reaches the set value, it can automatically stop
Charging gun insertion time 1~999.9s can be set
Insertion force Maximum 900N, high-precision digital pressure module, computer curve display
Alarm detection Following the principle of "Pass where it should pass, stop where it should stop", the system judges whether the sample is damaged or not according to the logical relationship of "position and current". When the sample to be tested is damaged, the device can issue an audible and visual alarm and automatically shut down
Leakage protection Install a leakage switch at the control power inlet of the equipment. When there is leakage, cut off the control power to make the whole cabinet power off
Overcurrent protection Current upper limit setting to prevent overcurrent or short circuit in the circuit
Overload protection There is a circuit breaker inside the device, which can automatically trip when overloaded
Threshold protection All movable cabinet doors are equipped with safety protection switches. When the cabinet door is opened, the power supply is automatically cut off to prevent the operator from the danger of electric shock.
Emergency stop switch The control panel of the power cabinet has an emergency stop switch, which is convenient for the operator to cut off the output power of the power cabinet when abnormal or necessary.
In and out lead The input and output lead ports are covered with protective coils to prevent the cables from being damaged
Dimensions About W2000mmxD1200mmxH1800mm
Weight About 450Kg
Working power AC220V±10%,50Hz,20A
Each test parameter can realize the storage function, which can be called directly when it is used again, without the need to reset it again, the operation is simple, the use is convenient, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
Manual adjustment; the system has a manual condition button to facilitate the clamping of the specimen
The charging gun seat adopts X-axis and Y-axis adjustable clamps, which can fix the charging gun below 250A (provide 3 different charging guns fixing seats)
The maximum force value of each insertion can be measured, and each force value can be collected into a curve for viewing on the computer
The clamping range of the plug clamp is square, round, and φ60mm or more.
Each force value can be stored as a table for viewing
The plug-in life and the load box are in the same box, and the power supply is in another box

Equipment Overview

It is suitable for the electrical plug-in life, temperature rise test and contact resistance test of a charging gun charging base independently. This testing machine uses servo motors, screw rods, guide rails, etc. as the power, adopts compact fixtures to hold the sample, and the industrial computer and the original Japanese programmable logic controller (PLC) are the control centers, with superior performance and convenient operation. The degree of automation is very high.


The charging pile plug and socket is tested for breaking capacity and normal operation life, which can be used for the insertion and extraction force test of the charging pile plug and socket, to assess whether the plug and socket can withstand mechanical damage and electrical damage in normal use, and to test the charging pile plug and socket. Reliability of electronic locking action and mechanical locking mechanism. It is a special equipment for the life test of the plug and socket of the electric vehicle charging pile. It can be used for the loading test when equipped with a load, and is equipped with a corresponding control system. The equipment adopts the advanced PLC intelligent control system and the operation interface of the industrial computer. The display is more accurate; the number of tests, on-current time, and test stroke can be preset. The test speed is 50-800mm/s, and the test stroke When the plug and socket are stuck or disconnected due to contact bonding or failure, a fault alarm will be triggered. And record the corresponding number of experiments. When an alarm occurs, it will automatically stop the test. The equipment can also measure 4-way contactors at the same time. The box body is composed of stainless-steel sealing plate and aluminum alloy profile, with beautiful appearance; The advantages of similar products, stable performance and easy operation, are the first choice of major measurement institutions and laboratories.



Temperature Rise Test

The output voltage DC6V
Output adjustable test current DC10 ~ 2000.0A continuously adjustable
Test current stability ± (2% set value + 5 words)
Current display accuracy ± (1% reading + 5 digits)
Impedance voltage display accuracy ± (1% reading + 5 digits)
Test voltage stability (2% set value + 5 words)
Power-on time 1~999.9 seconds
Power outage time 1~999.9 seconds
On and off times 1~999999 times, with power-off memory function, automatic shutdown when the times reach
Thermocouple temperature rise test Scan time 1S
Temperature measurement range 0~200℃ Accuracy ±0.3% of reading +1℃; Resolution: 0.1℃
Temperature measurement 16 channels (including 1 point to measure the ambient temperature)
Configure thermocouples American Q company T-type 30AWG filament thermocouple, length 2 meters, a total of 16
Acquisition speed 1 second/time
Equipped with a temperature measurement module independently developed by our company, it can be tested with electricity, without damaging the instrument, with strong anti-interference ability, and can accurately describe the temperature curve on the computer.
Display temperature and curve in computer
The software can set the ambient temperature channel, and the ambient temperature can be automatically subtracted when collecting data
The equipment can be started and stopped by computer control, and the curve of current, voltage, temperature and time can be collected at the same time, which is convenient for users to analyze and use.

The load adopts high-power tubular resistors, which can be adjusted in stages:


1 output current, which can be adjusted manually or automatically


Contact Resistance Test


Contact resistance test range 0~200mΩ, resolution 0.01mΩ, accuracy ±1%+3 digits
4-way resistance test at the same time
Measure the contact resistance once every time you plug and unplug it, you can also measure the contactor resistance once after N times of plugging and unplugging



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