• 30MΩ Controlled Type EV Battery Testing Equipment 0.3s External Short Circuit Tester
  • 30MΩ Controlled Type EV Battery Testing Equipment 0.3s External Short Circuit Tester
  • 30MΩ Controlled Type EV Battery Testing Equipment 0.3s External Short Circuit Tester
Good price 30MΩ Controlled Type EV Battery Testing Equipment 0.3s External Short Circuit Tester online

30MΩ Controlled Type EV Battery Testing Equipment 0.3s External Short Circuit Tester

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN551-30 mΩ

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Plywood Case
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30 sets/month
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Detail Information

Applied Standard: IEC 62619:2017 And Etc. Applied Clause: Clause 7.2.1 And Etc.
Temperature Range: 0~80℃ DC Response Time: ≤5μs
Configured Resistance: 30±10mΩ Rack Bearing: ≥50Kg
Current Acquisition Channel: 1 Channel Current Acquisition Range: 0-1000A DC
Current Acquisition Accuracy: ±0.5%F. S Current Acquisition Rate: 0.3s
High Light:

30MΩ EV Battery Testing Equipment


0.3s EV Battery Testing Equipment


0.3s Short Circuit Tester

Product Description


Battery Temperature Controlled Type External Short Circuit Tester 30 mΩ

Complied Standards & Clauses


IEC 62619:2017 clause 7.2.1


UL2580 BATTERIES FOR SAFETY Batteries for Use In Electric Vehicles Annex B2.7 and D3.1
IEC 62133-2012clause 7.3.2
GB31241-2014clause 6.1, 6.2
UN38.3 ,UL 2054,QC/T 744-2006,QC/T 743-2006 and etc.
Equipment Overview


It is conforms to the standard of IEC 62619:2017 clause 7.2.1, UN38.3 clause 4.5, and so on .Temperature controlled type battery extra short circuit tester is designed according to multi type battery short circuit standard requirements, in the standard requirement, the short circuit device must conform to the range of internal resistance ≤5mΩ, to obtain the maximum short-circuit current required by the test, In addition, the circuit design of the short-circuit device must also be able to withstand the impact of large currents, so we have chosen industrial grade DC electromagnetic contactors and all-copper terminals and internal copper plate diversion, thick copper plate to effectively improve the cooling effect, so that a large current short circuit device is safer, effectively reducing the loss of test equipment and ensuring the accuracy of test data.
Technical Parameters


No. Project name Specifications
1 Product name Temperature Controlled Short Circuit Tester
2 Product model SN551-30 mΩ
Short circuit technical parameter
3 Maximum load current 1000A
4 DC response time ≤5μs
5 Configured resistance (30±10mΩ)
6 Test space W500mm*D500mm*H500mm.
7 Control method PLC touch screen control.
8 Rack Bearing ≥50Kg; with 1 rack. Material stainless steel SUS304.
9 Inner box material Stainless steel SUS304.
10 Sealing strip Corrosion resistant silicone.
11 Temperature control

Normal temperature RT+10℃~80℃

Temperature rise rate 3℃/min

Temperature fluctuation 0.5℃

Temperature uniformity: ±2℃

12 Test stop condition

1) The battery temperature drops to 20% lower than the peak value;

2) Short circuit time.

13 Battery surface temperature Monitors temperature changes during battery surface testing.
14 Lighting The test chamber is designed with high-brightness LED lighting, which is convenient to see the test conditions in the test chamber.
15 Explosion-proof pressure relief device It has the function of exhaust, explosion-proof and pressure relief. There is a magnet adsorption pressure relief door (200*200mm) at the rear of the protective box. When the strong airflow is impacted, the pressure relief door will automatically open and automatically pull in to reduce the impact of the explosion.
16 Explosion-proof chain There are 2 explosion-proof chains on the door to prevent the door from being blown up and hurting people.
17 Smoke exhaust Smoke exhaust fan: high temperature resistance, the diameter of the back exhaust smoke outlet is 100mm.
18 Control panel safety design The control panel is embedded, and the touch screen and buttons will not be accidentally pressed or collided by external objects or bodies. It is safer.
19 Tempered glass window The test chamber door is equipped with a 300*300mm double-layer tempered glass window, which can clearly observe the test conditions in the test chamber.
20 Bottom design There are 4 universal casters for easy moving and handling. At the same time, it is equipped with 4-foot cups for easy positioning and fixing of equipment.
21 Explosion-proof lighting design The door is designed with high-brightness explosion-proof LED lights to illuminate the entire test space.
22 Current acquisition channel 1 channel
23 Current acquisition range 0-1000A DC
24 Current acquisition accuracy ±0.5%F. S
25 Current acquisition rate 0.3s
26 Voltage acquisition channel 1 channel
27 Voltage acquisition range 0~100V
28 Voltage acquisition accuracy ±0.2%FS
29 Voltage acquisition rate 0.3s
30 Temperature acquisition channel 1 channel
31 Temperature acquisition range 0~800℃
32 Temperature acquisition accuracy ±1℃
33 Temperature acquisition rate 0.3s
34 Remote control short circuit Remote control short-circuit test.
35 Test hole Two test holes with a diameter of 50mm are reserved on the side of the device.
36 Dimensions W1050 X D1000 X H1650mm (subject to design).
37 Equipment weight About: 250kg
38 Power supply AC 220V 50HZ
39 Total power 3.5KW
Monitor screen
Monitor screen Parameter screen


30MΩ Controlled Type EV Battery Testing Equipment 0.3s External Short Circuit Tester 0


30MΩ Controlled Type EV Battery Testing Equipment 0.3s External Short Circuit Tester 1



Equipment features and requirements:


1 Basic performance

1: Simple operation and control: Touch screen man-machine interface, touch editing and control; the battery is placed on the shelf of the thermostat. Close the door and press the touch screen test button to automatically complete the test.

2: Safety and explosion-proof: The inner and outer boxes have been reinforced design.

3: Overall aesthetic design: The appearance is beautiful and generous.

4: Easy to move in place: The bottom of the device is designed with universal wheels and leveling feet, which is convenient for the movement and fixation of the device.

2 Main composition

1: Control

PLC+Weinview touch screen control

2: Heating system

The ceramic heating wire generates heat, and the wind wheel of the circulating motor is forced to circulate the air horizontally, and the hot air reaches the uniformity in the circulation. It has the function of over-temperature protection and automatic power-off function when overloaded.

3: Auxiliary functions with visible explosion-proof glass windows; lighting; smoke exhaust; pressure relief explosion-proof; equipment moving and fixing functions.

3 Test requirements and steps

1. After the equipment enters the laboratory, adjust the distance between the front, rear, left and right of the equipment, adjust the leveling feet to make the base level, and fix the caster cups.

2. Connect the power cord of the device to test the machine. Only after there is no problem can the product be tested.

3. Set the test parameters, put the battery on the shelf of the test inner box, and close the door to start the test.

4. Do not open the door at will during the test, until the test is completed, after the observation time is over, you can open the door to check the battery.

4 Equipment installation conditions

1. Installation in place: The equipment can be unloaded by a 2-ton forklift. After moving into the laboratory, adjust the distance between the rear and left and right sides of the equipment from the wall ≥ 600 mm, and the operating space at the front is ≥ 1000 mm, which is convenient for battery testing. After fixing the equipment, connect the power cord and smoke exhaust pipe: φ100mm, and the laboratory should have a special smoke treatment exhaust pipe.

2. Ground bearing ≥300kg/㎡.

3. Laboratory: The entire laboratory must have a ventilation system, which can discharge the smoke leaked during the test; the lighting is good, and it is convenient to watch the operating equipment.

4. The channel of the laboratory should be convenient for the transportation of batteries and related means of transportation. In the event of a special emergency, personnel can be evacuated in time.

5. The laboratory should be equipped with corresponding fire-fighting facilities to facilitate the use of its fire-fighting tools.


30MΩ Controlled Type EV Battery Testing Equipment 0.3s External Short Circuit Tester 2


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