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Automatic Electric Vehicle Testing Equipment Truck Transport Vehicle Rain Testing System

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SNQC1001-15M

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Other
Delivery Time: 60 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 set/month
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Test Area: Customizable Vehicle Type: Truck Transport Vehicle
System Frame Type: Drive-in Booth Allowed Vehicle Size: 3500*1400*1400mm~13700*2600*4200mm
Front Rain Intensity: 7-12±1mm/min Other Rain Intensity: 7-8±1mm/min
Injection Pressure: 150kPa±10kPa Rain Time: 1~60 Min
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Automatic Electric Vehicle Testing Equipment


Truck Transport Electric Vehicle Testing Equipment

Product Description



Truck Transport Vehicle Rain Test System Electric Vehicle Testing Equipment


System Purpose

The test purpose of this test system is mainly the ability of the product to prevent rainwater penetration and the rainproof performance when or after being exposed to rain under the condition of rain.


Check whether the assembly of the body, doors, windows and sunroof is normal, whether the sealing performance is reliable, and whether the installation method is correct.


This test system is mainly used for the rainproof and sealing performance of various types of vans.



Technical Parameters

1. Equipment function: used for the rain test of automobiles. The external dimensions of the applicable vehicle range from 3500×1400×1400mm to 13700×2600×4200mm.

2. Rain intensity: the average of the front is 7~12±1mm/min, and the average of both sides, upper, lower and rear is 7~8±1mm/min. The rain intensity of each part can be adjusted.

3. Power supply: AC three-phase five-wire 380V±5% 50Hz or match client's local three phase power supply requirements.

4. Nozzle injection pressure: 150kPa±10kPa

5. Pressure gauge: install a pressure gauge at the outlet of the water pump, pressure: 0~0.5MPa.

6. Flowmeter: Install a total electromagnetic flowmeter after the self-flushing filter at the outlet of the water pump. The total flow rate is 0-150m3/h. The branch pipe adopts a visual flowmeter and is installed after the flow regulating valve.

7, rain time: 1 ~ 60min.

8. Outline dimensions of the frame of the rain detection room (length × width × height): about 15000×5200×6000mm.

9. The rain detection room is an outdoor skeleton type, without a roof and surrounding protective panels. The frame reserves the interface and space for building a canopy in the future.



Introduction of Structure

1 The main structure is that the vehicle enters the test area in the forward direction and exits in the reverse direction. Due to different vehicle types, the main body needs to be divided into three sections: front, middle and rear. The main structure and water pipes are made of stainless steel. It can guarantee that all kinds of vehicles can pass by themselves.

2 The length of the top and side spray branch pipes is divided into three parts, each part is 5000mm in length, and the vertical and horizontal spacing of the nozzles is 400mm. The lifting structure with the distance between the top nozzle and the ground is 2100mm ~ 4600mm, using steel wire and rolling mechanism, the overall appearance is high reliability, the distance between each part is 2100mm ~ 3300mm on one side, the stroke is adjustable, using electric push rod and scissor arm bracket, which is strong stability.

3 The water spray branch pipe with a rotating structure at the front end is usually fixed. If it needs to be fully rotated to open, it can ensure the passage of various vehicles. When it is fully closed, the distance between the uppermost nozzle and the top (highest position) and side nozzles is 900mm.

4 The rear part is the structure of the mobile trolley for the water spray branch pipe, which can move back and forth in the rain shed to ensure that it can meet the requirements of different lengths and sizes of various vehicles. When a desired position is reached, the trolley can be fixed and the water pipe can be quickly plugged in. The width of the trolley is not greater than 2600mm.

5 Bottom spraying is located in the middle of the longitudinal direction. Three groups of spraying pipes are also divided into front, middle and rear three-section control to form different lengths of spraying. The surface is thickened with chrome-plated grille.

6 For the parts where the spraying position needs to be moved, it is recommended to use an absolutely reliable mechanical rod transmission type. The top driving power can be a hand-held electric winch mechanism, and the side can be an electric push cylinder.


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