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Outdoor Rain Spray Shower Testing Room For Bus Passenger Car Road Vehicle

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SNQC1001-20M

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Other
Delivery Time: 60 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 set/month
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Detail Information

Test Area: Approx.20*5.2*6M Or Customized Vehicle Type: Bus/Passenger Car
System Frame Type: Drive-in Type Allowed Vehicle Size: 3500*1400*1400mm~13700*2600*4200mm
Front Rain Intensity: 7-12±1mm/min Rear Rain Intensity: 7-8±1mm/min
Water Spray Pressure: 150kPa±10kPa Total Water Flow: 0~150m3/h
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Bus Rain Spray Shower Testing Room


Vehicle Rain Spray Shower Testing Room

Product Description


Bus Passenger Car Road Vehicle Outdoor Rain Spray Shower Testing Room


System Purpose

Mainly meet the standard QC/T 476-2007 "Rainproof Sealing Limits and Test Methods for Passenger Cars", and adapt to the standard GB 29753-2013 “Safety Requirements and Test Methods for Refrigerated Vehicles for Road Transport of Food and Biological Products”.

It is used to inpsect whether the assembly of the body, doors, windows and sunroof is normal, whether the sealing performance is reliable, and whether the installation method is correct

Technical Parameters

1. Equipment function: used for the rain test of passenger cars. The external dimensions of the applicable vehicle range from 3500×1400×1400mm to 13700×2600×4200mm.

2. Rain intensity: the average of the front is 7~12±1mm/min, and the average of both sides, upper, lower and rear is 7~8±1mm/min. The rain intensity of each part can be adjusted.

3. Power supply: AC three-phase five-wire 380V±5% 50Hz or match client's local three phase power supply requirements.

4. Nozzle injection pressure: 150kPa±10kPa

5. Pressure gauge: install a pressure gauge at the outlet of the water pump, pressure: 0~0.5MPa.

6. Flowmeter: Install a total electromagnetic flowmeter after the self-flushing filter at the outlet of the water pump. The total flow rate is 0-150m3/h. The branch pipe adopts a visual flowmeter and is installed after the flow regulating valve.

7, rain time: 1 ~ 60min.

8. Outline dimensions of the frame of the rain detection room (length × width × height): approx.20000×5200×6000mm.

9. The rain detection room is an outdoor skeleton type, without a roof and surrounding protective panels. The frame reserves the interface and space for building a canopy in the future.

Control System


Control System The system is designed according to the technical requirements of the rain test. The system sets the manual control function. Operation control is realized by buttons on the panel of the control cabinet
System manual control The operation of each electrical component in the sprinkler system is controlled by PLC programming. The spray time is realized by setting the time switch, and the duration can be set according to the needs (adjustable within 1-480 minutes).
PLC system The protection of the PLC program for each action should be interlocked and reliable, and its peripheral circuits should have reliable protection for the PLC output. When the electrical control fails, there should be shutdown protection, signal display and alarm functions. There is a fuse at the PLC output point.
Control cabinet

1. The control cabinet integrates imported PLC, imported frequency converter and circuit breaker, and the electrical appliances adopt Schneider brand. Buttons, LCD display screens, indicator lights and connection terminals use well-known brands, etc. Three-color signal indicator lights and buzzers are installed on the top of the cabinet, so as to send out warning notices at the first time.
2. The on-site control cabinet is equipped with manual and automatic switching selection buttons. Among them, water replenishment and drainage must be set to manual-automatic control switching.

Pool level control

1. There is a liquid level gauge in the water supply tank. Two liquid level control points are set for the liquid level: the upper limit of the water level; the lower limit of the water level; The three-position electrical sensor is provided with a safety ground wire. The liquid level value can be adjusted.
2. At least two liquid level gauges are installed in the sedimentation tank: the water level exceeds the upper limit (alarm). The liquid level value here is also required to be adjustable.
3. The liquid level of the water supply pool is automatically maintained. When the liquid level of the pool drops to the set position during work, the water will be replenished automatically, and the water replenishment will be stopped automatically after reaching the set liquid level.

Rain Shower Device

Rain shower devices mainly include: water pump, automatic pressure regulating valve, water pressure gauge (or water pressure sensor), main pipeline, branch pipeline, branch pipeline, flow meter (or flow sensor), flow regulating valve, nozzle, nozzle pipe holder, Pipe rack moving system and electric control system etc. The water supply pressure setting of the water pump needs to ensure that the water outlet pressure of the nozzle is 150kPa±10kPa. The quantity, lift, flow rate and pipeline diameter of the water pump shall meet the requirements of the system. Each spraying surface shall cover the car with the largest external dimensions involved in the rain test and each inspected part of each car. The front and middle raining surfaces shall be movable to adapt to changes in vehicle shape and size.


The rain shower device should ensure that water is sprayed on the car from the front, back, bottom, side and top directions, avoiding dead spots of water spray, and ensure that the water spray pressure and flow correspond to the various parts of the car to meet the requirements of the standard QC/T 476-2007. The frame structure of the rain shower pipeline is simple and beautiful while ensuring anti-rust and shock-proof. The whole equipment is reliable and simple to operate, and it is convenient for the repair and maintenance of parts.



1. Stainless steel nozzle is used, and it can be easily disassembled and cleaned. The spray state is solid conical, and the cone angle is 60 degrees. Spraying angle, the top nozzle is perpendicular to the horizontal plane (can also be adjusted to 45 degrees), and the nozzle design meets the national standard. The nozzles are arranged in a square grid, there is no blank area in the spraying area, and the diameter of the nozzle hole is 2.5mm to 3.0mm. The horizontal and vertical spacing of nozzles is 400mm.

2. The distance between the nozzle and the outer surface of the corresponding vehicle body: 700mm±200mm. The bottom nozzle is located 200mm below the ground.

3. The axes of the top and bottom nozzles are perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the axes of the left and right nozzles are adjustable from 15 to 90 degrees perpendicular to the vehicle longitudinal direction, using automatic adjustment and manual adjustment. Front and rear are manual adjustment angles of 90, 45, 30, 15 degrees.


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