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VW80000 Ice Water Splash Test Equipment For Automotive Parts

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN4421

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Other
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 set/month
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Detail Information

Applied Standard: VW80000 And ISO 16750-4 Upper Inner Box Size: 1200X900X700 Mm
Basket Size: 840X680X650mm Outer Size: 1800X1520X2150mm
Temperature Range: RT+10℃~150℃ Temperature Deviation: Deviation ≤2℃
Temperature Uniformity: ≤2℃ (no-load) Test Water Temperature: 0℃~+4℃
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VW80000 Ice Water Splash Test Equipment


Automotive Parts Water Splash Test Equipment

Product Description


VW80000 Ice Water Splash Test Equipment For Automotive Parts

System Information


This test equipment is designed and manufactured according to ISO 16750-4:2010 clause 5.4 and VW80000: 2009-10, etc.


It simulates the thermal shock test caused by ice water for products used in shallow water areas of vehicles components. The purpose is to simulate icy water splashing onto heating systems or components when driving on wet roads in winter. The failure mode is either mechanical cracking of the material or seal failure due to a different temperature expansion coefficient.



Working principle:

Heat the DUT (device under test) to a certain temperature and a specified time in the test chamber. Then spray the DUT with ice water for 3s. If the DUT is only splashed in one direction on the vehicle, spray water only in this direction of the installation location. If the equipment is exposed to water splashing in multiple directions on the vehicle, these directions shall be stated and a new DUT shall be tested in each direction. The width of the splash is controlled to always be greater than the width of the DUT.

Technical Parameters



1. Dimensions and sample prohibition

Upper inner box size 1200X900X700 mm (W*D*H)
Basket size Approx. 840X680X650mm (W*D*H)
Outer Dimensions Approx 1800X1520X2150mm (W*D*H)
Sample prohibition

It is forbidden to test and store samples of flammable, explosive and volatile substances

Testing and storage of samples of corrosive substances is prohibited

Prohibition of testing or storage of biological samples

It is forbidden to test and store samples of strong electromagnetic emission sources

2. Technical indicators
Temperature range of high temperature box RT+10℃~150℃
Temperature deviation ≤2℃
Temperature uniformity ≤2℃ (under no-load condition)
Test water temperature 0℃~+4℃
Test water temperature control 5P chiller (with pure titanium evaporator)
Number of test cycles 0~100 times, can be preset
Basket load 100kg (Automatically controllable lifting)
Ice water splash nozzle pattern

The nozzle and pressure calibration system are manufactured in strict accordance with the following figure and etc., SUS316 stainless steel, detachable. The display outside the box can control the nozzle flow and other functions

VW80000 Ice Water Splash Test Equipment For Automotive Parts 0

Water spray diagram VW80000 Ice Water Splash Test Equipment For Automotive Parts 1
Ice Water Splash Nozzle quantity 1PC
Water jet flow 3L-4L per splash/nozzle
Spray duration 3s
Test cycles 0~100 times can be preset
Distance of nozzle to DUT 325±25mm (300~350mm)
Test liquid Deionized water or +5%NaCl+3% Arizona fine dust
Test liquid Recyclable
Switching time ≤20s
Automatic cleaning function After the test is completed, the pipeline and the sample are automatically cleaned
Other requirements Self-contained drainage system, automatic protection system for lifting and lowering of the basket, and anti-clogging technology for nozzles
3. Structural characteristics
Box material

Adopt two-box hanging basket type box, the upper part is heating zone, the lower part is water splashing zone, and the bottom is water tank (water can be recycled);

A. Outer box material: steel plate with plastic spray

B. Inner tank: stainless steel is used for the whole inner box and the basket

Box door

Double doors, the door size is 1200 x 700mm (width x height), and there is a glass window on the left and right.

Multi-layer vacuum tempered glass, there are lights in the box, and the observation window does not reflect light.

Insulation Filled with polyurethane foam + glass fiber to ensure thermal insulation performance, about 100mm thick
Test hole 100mm diameter with silicone stopper
Circulatory system Circulating fan, stainless steel impeller;
Heating system

Heater: Nichrome electric heater

Control mode: non-contact equal period pulse width modulation, SSR (solid state relay)

VW80000 Ice Water Splash Test Equipment For Automotive Parts 2


Test water

Adopt 5P chiller (with pure titanium evaporator) to supply ice water
Freeze-free design No icing phenomenon
Control panel Controller, operation button
Movable casters

Casters: 4

Foot support: 4 fixed foot support

Control System

Thermostat: 7-inch color touch screen controller

Operation mode: The test conditions can be programmed arbitrarily within the scope of the test capability

Control accuracy: 0.1℃

Control mode: P.I.D automatic control

Temperature measurement: platinum resistance PT100

Controller 7" true color touch screen controller: The touch screen can control the temperature in the box, the temperature of the water tank, the flow rate, the water pump and the test time, etc.; the flow rate and temperature are directly displayed on the touch screen, and the automatic constant current and constant temperature are used.
Setting method English menu, touch screen input
Operation mode Periodic operation, continuous operation
Program settings The test program name and program parameters can be customized, and the program storage and import are supported.
Display function Real-time dynamic refresh sampling data and setting parameters, real-time curve refresh function. Can display pressure, flow, temperature, test time, etc.
Testing time 0-999min (touch screen control), there are corresponding standard time options for different waterproof requirements.
Testing frequency 1-999 times (touch screen control)
Alarm function Alarm automatic shutdown, alarm record viewing and exporting, alarm setting and fault analysis functions
Record function The sampling time is 10s, and the curve and experimental data within three months can be recorded. The sampling data at each moment within three months can be inquired in detail. It can be exported by USB2.0, printed and recorded on the PC, and the data report can be generated.
4. Security system
Emergency stop The equipment is equipped with a fault alarm buzzer, and an emergency stop button is set on the control panel. If the equipment fails to stop, the emergency stop button can be used to stop
Test box Adjustable over-temperature protection; temperature fuse in test space; limit over-temperature protection of air-conditioning channel; fan motor overheating protection

Main power phase sequence and phase loss protection; leakage protection; overload and short circuit protection

The main power switch has leakage protection function;

Equipped with waterway safety protection device; water shortage alarm.

5. Conditions of use (the user guarantees that the following conditions are met)
Installation site

The ground is flat and well ventilated;

There is no strong vibration around the device;

There is no strong electromagnetic field around the device;

There are no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment;

Appropriate space for use and maintenance is reserved around the equipment, see the manual for details

Environmental conditions

Temperature: 5℃~35℃

Relative humidity: ≤85%

Air pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

Power supply conditions

power supply

AC380V three-phase five-wire

Voltage allowable fluctuation range: AC (380 ± 38) V

Battery capacity

Maximum current

Frequency allowable fluctuation range: (50±0.5)Hz

The grounding resistance of the protective ground wire is less than 4Ω

The user is required to configure the air or power switch of the corresponding capacity for the equipment at the installation site, and

And this switch must be used independently for this device



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