• Clause 20.2 EV Connector Testing Equipment Dust - Proof Test Chamber
  • Clause 20.2 EV Connector Testing Equipment Dust - Proof Test Chamber
  • Clause 20.2 EV Connector Testing Equipment Dust - Proof Test Chamber
  • Clause 20.2 EV Connector Testing Equipment Dust - Proof Test Chamber
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Clause 20.2 EV Connector Testing Equipment Dust - Proof Test Chamber

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN441-1500L

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Plywood Case
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 sets/month
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Detail Information

Applied Standard: IEC 62196-1Ed.4CDV:2020 Applied Clauses: Clause 20.2
Inner Size: 1.5*1.0*1.0 M Dust Amount: 2-4kg/m3
Air Velocity: <2m/s Pumping Pressure Difference: 0 ~ -10kPa Adjustable
Vacuum Pump Control: 60-600, 600-6000mL/min Heating Temperature: +10℃~+60℃
High Light:

Clause 20.2 EV Connector Testing Equipment


Dust Proof EV Connector Testing Equipment

Product Description



EV Connector Testing Equipment Dust-proof Test Chamber


Complied Standards & Clauses


This test chamber complies with IEC60529-2013, EN60529, DIN40050, SAEJ575 and etc.


Technical Parameters


1. Inner space size: width 1500mm*depth 1000mm*height 1000mm;

2. Test dust: dry talcum powder that can pass through a square sieve with a mesh size of 75μm and a wire diameter of 50μm.

3. Dust amount: 2-4kg/m3.

4. Air velocity: <2m/s

5. Pumping pressure difference: 0 ~ -10kPa adjustable, equipped with pressure gauge display.

6. Vacuum pump pumping flow control: 60-600, 600-6000mL/min adjustable;

7. Heating temperature: normal temperature +10℃~+60℃ can be adjusted to reduce the humidity in the chamber and display the humidity in the chamber;

8. Fully enclosed structure, the vibration pump adopts a pneumatic vibration pump, the amplitude can be adjusted stepless by adjusting the air flow, the powerful circulation fan circulates the indoor air to drive the dust suspension, and the fan speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter;

9. Sealed door with glass window, equipped with dust removal brush to facilitate observation of indoor conditions;

10. Double-layer stainless steel fence shelves place test samples;

11. Vacuum system configuration: vacuum pump, flow meter, vacuum negative pressure gauge, pressure regulating valve, filter.

12. The inner wall is made of stainless steel and the outer wall is painted with steel plates.

13. Configure the sample test power supply (built-in dust-proof socket), the on-off of the sample power supply is controlled by the machine, and the power inlet is separated from the machine

14. Resolution: temperature: 0.1°C, time: 1S;

15. Door: Double door, door opening size W1500mm*H1000mm;

16. The control interface is operated by touch screen, which is easy to operate, and it will be tested automatically after the program parameters are set.


Equipment Overview


Test purpose: This test chamber is used for mechanical, electrical, electronic, electrochemical, and electromechanical equipment. Evaluate the resistance, storage and operation of these devices to exposure to dry sand or dust-laden atmospheres. Used for product sealing performance testing and reliability testing.


Chamber features:

1. The vibration adopts pneumatic vibration mode, and the amplitude can be adjusted stepless;

2. Equipped with a frequency converter, the running speed of the fan can be adjusted by frequency conversion;

3. The sample pumping speed and pressure can be adjusted independently, and the pumping pressure is stable;

4. Equipped with an electronic temperature and humidity meter, which can be directly displayed on the touch screen;

5. The bottom funnel is equipped with a ball valve switch for easy dust replacement;

6. The wall of the test chamber is equipped with an air dust filter assembly, and the atmospheric pressure of the inner and outer chambers is balanced;

7. The program is easy to operate. In addition, the sample power-on preheating function is added. For example, when testing lamps, the lamps are required to be powered on and preheated to a stable state before dust testing. After the warm-up time is complete, the device will automatically start the dust test. In this way, the luminaire test can be completed directly in the dust chamber at one time.

8. Chamber structure: the door opening is unobstructed (1500X1000mm), and the door is fully open, which is convenient for placing large and heavy samples in the chamber.


Safety protection: fault alarm and cause, processing prompt function, automatic shutdown after fault alarm; leakage protection, short circuit protection, fan motor overheating, overall equipment phase loss/reverse phase, overall equipment timing protection.


Power supply: AC 380V 50HZ 4KW; one compressed air source interface, Φ8mm air tube.



Chamber Structure:


1. It is designed as a conical funnel with a dust collection port and a dust blowing port at the bottom. Install a high-pressure turbine circulation fan at the dust blowing port to send the dust from the funnel to the top of the inner chamber. The dust is blown down naturally from the top vertically. When the dust falls on the side wall of the funnel, the dust is recycled to the dust blowing port by the vibrating device, so that the cycle starts again and again.

2. Inner chamber material: stainless steel plate;

3. Outer chamber material: cold-rolled steel plate + baking paint/spray plastic;

4. Two observation windows;

5. Dust scraper: it is convenient to observe the test situation;

6. Lighting lamp: one LED lighting is installed inside, which is convenient for observing the test situation;

7. Test hole: Ø100mm;

8. The load of the compartment bracket: 100KG.



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