• IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³
  • IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³
  • IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³
  • IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³
Good price IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³ online

IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN881C-12m³

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Export packing
Delivery Time: 45 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
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Detail Information

Temperature Fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃ Temperature Deviation: ±2.0℃
Temperature Uniformity: ≤2.0℃ (No Load) Temperature Range: -70℃~+150℃
Inner Size: D2000 X W2000 X H2500 Mm Outer Size: D3350 ×W2500× H2950 Mm
Heating Rate: ≥3.0℃/min (+150℃ ~ -70℃ Average Throughout) Cooling Rate: ≥2.0℃/min (-70℃ ~ +150℃ Average Throughout)
High Light:

12m³ Environmental Testing Chamber


IEC60068-2-1 Environmental Testing Chamber

Product Description



 IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³


Complied Standards & Clauses


IEC60068-2-1:2007 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-1: Tests-Test A: Cold, IDT”

IEC60068-2-2:2007 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-1: Tests- Test B-Dry heat, IDT”

IEC60068-2-78:2012 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-78: Tests-Test Cab: Damp heat, steady state, IDT”

IEC60068-2-30:2005 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-30: Tests-Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic (12h+12h cycle), IDT”


Product information:


This walk-in test chamber simulates the temperature and humidity changeable environment for the products or materials. It is widely used in the adaptability test of electrical, electronics, instrument and meter and other product parts under high and low temperature and humid environment during storage, transportation and usage, to determine the temperature adaptability of the above products or materials to high and low temperature and humid environment, especially for product electrification changes in performance and mechanical properties.


Technical Parameters


1. Main technical parameter


No. Project Content
A Product number SN881C-12m³
B Product brand SINUO
C Inner size D2000 x W2000 X H2500 (without motor) mm, Volume: 12m³
Outer size Cabinet part: about 3350 D × 2500W × 2950H mm
D Temperature range -70℃~+150℃(range adjustable)
Temperature uniformity ≤2.0℃ (No load)
Heating rate ≥3.0℃/min (+150℃ ~ -70℃ average throughout)
Cooling rate ≥2.0℃/min (-70℃ ~ +150℃ average throughout)
Temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃
Temperature deviation ±2.0℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Humidity range


IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³ 0

Humidity deviation ±3%(>75%RH), ±5%(≤75%RH)
Humidity resolution 0.1% RH
E Motor noise ≤75dB (A)
F Power

Refrigeration: 4.5KW*2 pcs = 9 KW

Heating: 12KW

Humidification: 12KW

Motor: 0.75KW*6=4.5W

Others: ≈1.5KW

Total installed power: Pmax≤39KW (subject to final design)

G Circulating cooling water

Method: Water cooling. It’s stable and low noise. Domestic well-known brand.

Flowmeter: 15T/h

Tap water requirements: Water pipe: 1/2 "water pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.6Mpa


2. Installation and use environment


NO. Content Project
A Atmospheric environment

Ambient temperature: 5℃~+35℃, relative humidity: ≤90% RH

There should not be high concentrations of components, corrosive gases and flammable and explosive atmospheres around

B Power supply

AC380V±10%, 50HZ±1HZ, three-phase five-wire system

The power cable lead hole is at the lower right rear of the test chamber

C Ground The grounding resistance bolt is on the right rear of the box base
D Drain The drainage hole of the box is at the left rear of the box base, and a DN10 silicone tube 3 meters is included.
E Installation site requirements Leave room for normal opening and closing of the box door, good ventilation, and the ground bearing capacity is not less than 800kg/㎡

3. Chamber construction


No. Project Content
A Device layout

The test chamber and the refrigeration unit are of split design. After the equipment is installed in place, the refrigeration pipeline and electrical circuit are connected and checked before starting the machine.

The controller adopts an independent control cabinet and is installed on the right side of the laboratory.

The equipment adopts a split type, and the refrigeration unit and electrical control cabinet are installed on the right side of the equipment.

The connection between the box body and the unit adopts explosion-proof junction box and galvanized steel pipe, and the connection process conforms to the relevant national standards for explosion-proof.


Parameter Data
Thermal Conductivity 0.0162 kcal/m·degree·hour
Thermal conductivity 0.000942 m2/hour
specific heat 0.338 kcal/kg·degree
Compressive strength >2Kgf/cm2
Flexural strength >2.5Kgf/cm2
water absorption <3g/100cm2
self-extinguishing ≯7 seconds


B Shell Made of 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate, indicated by computer gray anti-static spray paint
Insulation Materials PU (polyurethane) foam + ultra-fine centrifugal glass wool composite insulation layer, ≥100mm
Inner wall

The inner wall is made of 1.2mm SUS304 stainless steel plate, and all unsealed TIG are continuously welded to ensure no leakage after long-term test.

The bottom plate is a stainless-steel pattern anti-skid plate with a load-bearing capacity of ≥300kg/m2 (uniform load).

The bottom of the box bottom is partially treated and solidified. Reinforced bottom structure. The thermal insulation performance of the floor thermal insulation layer and the box wall. The top plate is consistent, and drainage ditches are reserved at the bottom.

C Air supply system

The air duct is located behind the studio:

The explosion-proof motor is installed on the top of the box, the aluminum centrifugal fan impeller is installed on the top of the test box, and the air is evenly supplied through the air outlet of the volute to meet the requirements of temperature uniformity.

D Door

1. Set up 2 split doors, the size of the door opening (800+800) W×2000Hmm

2. The door is sealed with double-layer high and low temperature resistant soft silicone rubber sealing strip

3. Rotary hinge can ensure the door opening angle ≥ 120 degrees

4. The inner edge of the door is set with a constant temperature heating belt, and the control system automatically turns on the heating belt to defrost according to the studio temperature.

E Observation window

Two sets of visual observation windows (400×500mm) are installed on the gate. The observation window glass is made of multi-layer insulating glass coated with electric heating film. The observation window has high light transmittance, good heat insulation effect, and no resistance wire on the glass surface. Observation and other advantages, when the studio temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, the control automatically turns on the defogging function of the observation window.


IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³ 1


F Explosion-proof measures

1. The motor adopts professional motor: 0.75KW, 6 sets of IP55

2. The fan volute is made of aluminum to prevent sparks from friction between the impeller and the volute;

3. Both the inner and outer casings are provided with reliable grounding lines, and the surface of the equipment is sprayed with conductive anti-static paint to ensure that no static electricity can accumulate on the surface of the equipment casing.

4. The temperature sensor (PT100) adopts explosion-proof sensor.

5. The heating device is a stainless-steel heater without an open flame.


IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³ 2


6. The wiring of explosion-proof electrical appliances meets the national explosion-proof requirements.

7. Set up an independent over-temperature protector, that is, a two-section temperature protection instrument, to prevent the danger of overshooting of the temperature in the work room.

G Explosion-proof lighting in the box Built-in 2 sets of explosion-proof lighting fixtures ensure that the specimens in the box can be clearly observed under any working conditions.
H Test hole 2 pcs of φ100 test holes are installed on the left and right sides of the studio, and the test is equipped with a stainless-steel cover and a flexible silicone rubber hole plug. (The specific number of openings is arranged according to customer needs)
J Air pressure balance device Ensure that the air pressure in the box is basically the same as that of the outside during the heating, cooling and constant testing of the equipment.
K Heater

1. Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire heater

2. Heater control mode: non-contact equal period pulse width adjustment, SSR (solid state relay)

3. Heater power: ≤12.0KW

N Water supply device

The automatic water replenishment device is adopted. After connecting the tap water with a 1/2" water pipe, the water supply device is an international famous brand, which can automatically filter and deionize the water.

Demineralized water flow: 10L/h

Water pressure: 0.1~0.25Mpa

Water hardness: ≤0.03mol/L (1.5mg/L, calculated as CaCO3) m, the national standard for humidification water, to provide the deionized water required for the humidification part of the equipment


4. Cooling System


No. Project Content
A Cooling method Adopt mechanical cascade compression refrigeration
B Load Calculation The professional load calculation software can quickly, scientifically and reasonably select the appropriate model for the customer according to the user's use conditions.
C Compressor An independent water-cooled cascade refrigeration unit consisting of two Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors.
D The refrigerant

New refrigerants that meet international environmental protection requirements:

1. High temperature grade: R404A

2. Low temperature grade: R23

E Main feature

1. The main configuration of the refrigeration system adopts imported components from Europe and the United States. For the specific configuration, see the main configuration list of the equipment;

2. Danfoss stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger is used as the evaporative condenser of the cascade refrigeration system, with small heat transfer temperature difference, high heat exchange efficiency and compact appearance;

3. In order to prevent the defrosted water on the compressor from flowing freely, a water receiving tray is installed under the compressor, which is collected and discharged in a centralized manner;

4. Equipped with a pressure gauge to display the system pressure, which is convenient for the inspection and maintenance of the refrigeration system

F Shock absorption and noise reduction

In order to reduce the noise in the laboratory, a comprehensive scheme of internal noise reduction of the unit and shock absorption of the compressor is adopted.

1. Compressor damping

1.1 Install shock-absorbing springs and rubber pads at the bottom of the compressor to reduce the transmission of compressor vibration to the unit frame through the base;

1.2 The compressor suction and exhaust pipes use metal shock-absorbing hoses from American Packless or Italian Castel to reduce vibration transmission through the pipes.

1.3 Compressor process pipeline adopts shock-absorbing bend and distal fixation to avoid resonance

2. Muffler in the unit;

The unit enclosure is pasted with sound-absorbing cotton. Since the interior of the unit needs ventilation and heat dissipation, in order to reduce the air transmission of noise, sound baffles with oil-absorbing sound-absorbing cotton are installed at the air inlet and outlet to reduce the transmission of sound waves to the room through the ventilation holes.


5. Air condition


No. Project Content
A Temperature measurement Imported high precision VAISALA sensor
B Heating

1. The heating device is explosion-proof armored heater

2. The solid-state relay is used for non-contact zero-crossing start-up to drive the heater to work, without contact sparks and noise, and has a long service life.

C Temperature control The controller compares the temperature sensor signal with the set value, and automatically adjusts the heating power through the PID output, so that the air thermometer in the equipment box can reach a dynamic balance.

6. Electronic control


No. Project Content
A Controller parameters

IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³ 3

Using Korean "Sanyuan" TEIM 2700 color touch screen controller, the main features are as follows:

  1. 7-inch TFT true color touch screen, the man-machine interface can be selected in Chinese or English, and the menu operation method makes it easy for users to master the operation method of the equipment;
  2. Display accuracy: temperature 0.1℃; time 0.1min
  3. Two test methods can be selected: constant temperature (manual operation) or program (ie, preset program automatic operation)
  4. The equipment operation has a high degree of automation. Set the target temperature or preset equipment operation procedures. After the operation button is activated, the system can automatically determine whether to open the refrigeration unit, heater or blower. Colleagues can automatically adjust the heating output without excessive user operations or monitoring, the ideal test process curve can be obtained.
  5. The preset program running function provides users to preset 1000 program curves, each curve can be set up to 100 steps, 6 groups of small cycles, and 10 different programs can be linked, and the program can be retrieved and stored for the next test. can be called directly.
  6. During the test, important reference parameters such as current target temperature, measured temperature, heating output, running time, and program running process can be displayed in real time.
  7. It can store temperature curves and data for 600 days.
  8. Fault self-diagnosis function, when the equipment fails, it will automatically alarm and cut off the power supply. Colleagues will display the fault phenomenon and simple fault description on the controller, and users can easily find the cause according to the fault.
B Password protection The controller has a multi-level password function with clear authority, which can prevent accidental shutdown or test interruption caused by mis-operation.
C Host computer (two devices share one computer)

1. USB data recording function:

2. You can directly insert any U disk anywhere in the history record file, and perform operations such as reading and analysis on the computer.

3. Powerful PC software functions, standard 10M/100M Ethernet interface, automatic IP address acquisition, network identification, and easy control.

3.1. Host computer:

The host computer is directly connected to a test box through a network cable

3.2 LAN:

Multiple computers and multiple UMC1000 control area LAN connections

3.3 WEB SERVER remote synchronization;

Remote monitoring can be performed through the INTERNET NET test.

D Safety protection

1. Personnel safety

1.1 leakage protection

2. Equipment safety:

2.1 power supply phase loss, phase error, voltage instability protection;

2.2 Control loop current limiting protection

2.3 Fan motor overload protection

2.4 Compressor current overload protection

2.5 compressor overheating protection

2.6 Compressor high pressure protection

2.7 heater short circuit protection

2.8 Equipment leakage protection

2.9 Secondary independent over-temperature protection function


7. Use environment


Environmental conditions

Temperature: 5℃~35℃

Relative humidity: ≤85

Atmospheric pressure: 80-106 kPa

Site conditions

There is no strong vibration around;

No direct sunlight or direct radiation from other heat sources;

No strong air flow: when the surrounding air needs to be forced to flow, no air flow is directly blown to the box;

There is no strong electromagnetic field around;

There is no high concentration of dust and corrosive substances around.

Power supply conditions

Voltage and frequency: AC380V±10%, 50Hz, three-phase four-wire + protective ground wire

Grounding resistance of protective ground wire: The grounding resistance of protective ground wire is less than 4Ω


8. Configuration


Type Name Model specifications Quantity Unit Brand Remark
Power supply Power cable 25m㎡ 5 m SOUTHWIRE  
Power cord tube 75mm 50 m LESSO tube on the outside
Water supply Water supply pipe DN25 50 m LESSO  
valve DN25 4 PC LESSO  
Structural system Inside the box Stainless steel 1 SET SINUO  
Box shell A3 steel plate 1 SET SINUO  
Volute Stainless steel 4 SET SINUO  
Centrifugal impeller Aluminum alloy 4 PC DOMESTIC  
Insulating glass Tempering 1 PC DOMESTIC For observation windows
Door lock Galvanized 4 SET SINUO  
Hinge Galvanized 8 SET SINUO  
Balance air hole Stainless steel 1 SET SINUO  
Carrier plate Stainless steel 4 PC SINUO  
Unit Channel steel 2 SET SINUO  
Control cabinet 800*800*2200 1 SET SINUO  
Motor frame Channel steel 4 PC SINUO  
Evaporator rack Stainless steel 1 PC SINUO  
Sealing strip 2# 20 m SINUO  
Electric heaters Stainless steel 1 SET DOMESTIC  
Motor L=195 6 SET DOMESTIC  
  Compressor 4.5kw 2 SET BIZZELL  
The electromagnetic valve 1068/3 2 SET CASTEL  
Condenser 16mm 2 SET CUSTOM MADE  
Evaporator 12mm 2 SET CUSTOM MADE  
Plate heat exchanger Bh-40 1 SET DANFOSS  
Reservoir 10l 1 PC DANFOSS  
Cooling system Expansion vessel 50l 1 PC DANFOSS  
Filter drier 163s 2 PC DANFOSS  
Sight glass 12s 2 PC DANFOSS  
Expansion valve Tes5 2 SET DANFOSS  
Pressure relief valve 16h 1 PC DANFOSS  
High and low voltage controller Kp15 2 SET DANFOSS  
Pressure gauge 35h 4 PC KAEMI  
Copper pipe 6mm 20 KG DOMESTIC  
Copper pipe 10mm 20 KG DOMESTIC  
Copper pipe 28mm 30 KG DOMESTIC  
Insulation pipe 6mm 10 PC DOMESTIC  
Insulation pipe 10mm 10 PC DOMESTIC  
Insulation pipe 28mm 10 PC DOMESTIC  
Frozen oil Rl32h 16 L DOMESTIC POE oil
The refrigerant R404a 16 KG HONEYWELL  
The refrigerant R23 16 KG HONEYWELL  
Electronic control system Touch screen controller 7’tft 1 PC TEMI  
Compressor temperature module 1026 2 PC BIZZELL  
Secondary over temperature protection table Sr3 1 PC SHIMADEN  
Audible alarm 22mm 1 PC DOMESTIC  
Short circuit protection circuit breaker 32a 2 PC SCHNEIDER  
Short circuit protection circuit breaker 10a 1 PC SCHNEIDER  
Leakage protection circuit breaker 100a 1 PC SCHNEIDER  
Indicator light 22mm 1 PC DOMESTIC  
Guide 14h 8 m DOMESTIC  
Copper wire 1㎡ 100 m DOMESTIC  
Copper wire 4㎡ 100 m DOMESTIC  
Copper wire 10㎡ 100 m DOMESTIC  
Copper wire 16㎡ 100 m DOMESTIC  
Cable 6㎡ 100 m DOMESTIC For compressor
Cable 1㎡ 100 m DOMESTIC For cooling fan
Cable 1㎡ 100 m DOMESTIC For blower motor
Cable 10㎡ 50 m DOMESTIC For heater
Cable 0.75㎡ 50 m DOMESTIC For sensor
Cable 1㎡ 100 m DOMESTIC For solenoid valve
Cable 1㎡ 80 m DOMESTIC For pressure controller
Cable 1㎡ 100 m DOMESTIC For temperature module
Cable 1mm 120 m DOMESTIC For room cooling
  Busway 60mm 40 m DOMESTIC  
Terminals 10/4 15 m DOMESTIC  
Switching power supply 120w 2 PC DELTA  
Phase sequence protector Xj3-g 1 PC CHINT  
AC contactor 32a 4 PC SCHNEIDER  
AC contactor 50a 2 PC SCHNEIDER  
Overload protector 10-16 4 PC SCHNEIDER  
Overload protector 2-4 4 PC SCHNEIDER  
Relay 4hj Some SET SCHNEIDER  
Solid state relay Ssr80h 6 SET Fotek  
Sensor Pt100 2 PC VAISALA  



IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³ 4IEC60068-2-1 Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber 12m³ 5

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