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IEC60068-2-78 Constant Temperature Humidity Testing Chamber 1500L

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN881-1500L

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Export packing
Delivery Time: 30 days
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Detail Information

Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.5℃ Humidity Fluctuation: ≤2.5%
Temperature Deviation: ≤±2.0℃ Humidity Deviation: ≤±3%
Temperature Display Resolution: 0.01℃ Humidity Display Resolution: 0.1% RH
Inner Chamber Size: W1000mm×D1500mm×H1000mm External Dimensions: W1500mm×D2020mmxH2150mm
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Constant Temperature Humidity Testing Chamber


1500L Humidity Testing Chamber


IEC60068-2-78 Humidity Testing Chamber

Product Description



IEC60068-2-78 Constant Temperature Humidity Testing Chamber 1500L


Complied Standards & Clauses


IEC60068-2-1:2007 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-1: Tests-Test A: Cold, IDT”

IEC60068-2-2:2007 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-1: Tests- Test B-Dry heat, IDT”

IEC60068-2-78:2012 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-78: Tests-Test Cab: Damp heat, steady state, IDT”

IEC60068-2-30:2005 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-30: Tests-Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic (12h+12h cycle), IDT”


Product Overview


This machine adopts a closed chamber structure with the following features:

A. It has an extremely wide temperature and humidity control range to meet the various needs of users.

B. It adopts a unique balanced temperature adjustment and humidity control mode to adjust the ideal temperature and humidity environment. The heating and humidification capability are stable and balanced, and the temperature and humidity control are high-precision and high-stability.

C. Automatic selection of refrigeration circuit: The automatic control device has the ability of automatically starting the running refrigeration circuit according to the set value of temperature, can start the cooling directly under the high temperature state.

The refrigeration adopts the air-cooled condensing unit with fully enclosed compressor (imported).

D. The door is equipped with an observation window, which is convenient for observing the test state of the test sample.


Technical Parameters


  1. Sample limitation
This test chamber prohibits:
Testing or storage of flammable, explosive, and volatile substance samples
Testing or storage of samples of corrosive substances
Testing or storage of biological samples
Testing or storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples
Testing or storage of radioactive material samples
Test or storage of highly toxic substance samples
Testing or storage of samples that may produce flammable, explosive, volatile, highly toxic, corrosive and radioactive materials during testing or storage
  1. Volume, size and weight
  1. Nominal content volume
  1. Inner chamber size
  1. External dimensions
Approx. W1500mm×D2020mmxH2150mm
  1. Weight
  1. Performance
  1. Temperature range
Temperature range: -70 ℃~+180℃
  1. Humidity range

(20 ~ 98)% RH (refer to temperature and humidity controllable range chart, no active wet and heat load)

IEC60068-2-78 Constant Temperature Humidity Testing Chamber 1500L 0

Temperature and humidity controllable range chart



  1. Temperature fluctuation
±0.5℃ (The temperature fluctuation is half of the difference between the measured maximum temperature and the minimum temperature at the center point)

d. Humidity fluctuation

  1. Temperature deviation
±2.0℃ (Temperature uniformity is the arithmetic mean of the difference between the highest and lowest temperature measured in each test)
  1. Humidity deviation
  1. Temperature display resolution
  1. Humidity display resolution
0.1% RH
  1. Heating rate
Average 2~3℃/min (non-linear under no load)
  1. Cooling rate
Average 0.7~1℃/min (non-linear under no load)
  1. Load conditions
  • Working noise


Sound level≤75dB

(Measured in a soundproof room with an ambient temperature of 25 ° C and low echo; using A weighting, the average value of 8 points is tested; each test point is 1 meter away from the noise source and 1 meter away from the ground)

  1. Structural characteristics
  1. Material



1. Outer wall material: A3 plate spraying

2.Inner wall material: SUS304# stainless steel plate
3. Chamber body insulation material: 100mm high temperature resistant rigid polyurethane foam

4. Door insulation material: 100mm high temperature resistant rigid polyurethane foam.

  1. Bottom structural strength
The heavy capacity of the track at the bottom of the test chamber: ≤100Kg/m² (load)
  1. Air conditioning channel

① Stainless steel long-axis centrifugal fans: 4 units/90W.

②Fan, heater, evaporator (also dehumidifier), drainage device, pressure balance port, adjustable air guide plate, temperature sensor

  1. Standard configuration of test chamber

①Window 400x600x40mm 3-layer vacuum tempered glass.

②Flat embedded handle,

③Door hinge: SUS #304 imported hinge

④ Energy-saving lamps in the box: LED energy-saving lamps

⑤Lead hole: φ50mm 1 piece

  1. Door

① The single-piece door opens outwards, with the hinge on the left and the handle on the right (when facing the front of the box).

② Equipped with a safety door locking mechanism (the door can be opened in the test room), the door is equipped with electric heat to prevent condensation, and the viewing range of the insulating glass observation window is approximately (W400×H600mm). Electric heating device to prevent condensation on door frame

  1. Control Panel
There is a 7-inch display screen for temperature (humidity) control and display, an operating indicator light, and a lighting button
  1. Machinery room
Refrigeration unit, compressor water tray, pressure relief device, heating device
  1. Power distribution cabinet
Distribution board, cooling fan, main power switch, transformer, intermediate relay, time relay, solid state relay, AC contactor, circuit breaker
  1. Heater

① Fin-type heat pipe-shaped stainless steel electric heater

②Heating control method: SSR (Solid State Relay) contactless equal period pulse width modulation

③Heating power: about 4KW

  1. Refrigeration system
  1. Refrigeration device

①American Emerson low-noise vortex ultra-low temperature refrigeration system (air-cooled heat dissipation method).

② Cooling method: air cooling

  1. Hot and cold exchange device
Two-stage refrigeration system American Emerson low-noise scroll compressor. Adopting ultra-high efficiency SWEP cold coal cold and heat exchange design [made in Sweden (sus#316)], it is more efficient than the traditional internal spiral type.
  1. Heating load adjustment

①Adopt automatic adjustment of cold coal flow device to effectively take away the heating load of the product to be tested and German/Japanese technology.

②Compared with the traditional design, the control stability and reproducibility are higher, and it achieves super efficiency of saving power and saving more energy.

  1. High efficiency components

①The condenser and evaporator adopt AC&R double spoiler type aluminum fin device.

②The throttling devices adopt imported Chiming refrigeration accessories

  1. Expansion system
Capacity controlled refrigeration system (capillary tube)
  1. Evaporative condenser
All copper tube heat exchanger
  1. Refrigerator control method

①The controller of the control system automatically adjusts the operating conditions of the refrigerator according to the test conditions.

②Evaporation pressure regulating valve.

③Compressor return air cooling circuit

④The refrigeration system is designed with vibration and noise reduction measures such as shock absorber tubes.

  1. Refrigerant
Honeywell R404a (ozone depletion index is 0)
  1. Electrical control system
  1. Controller
7 inch smart LCD touch programmable controller
  1. Controller specifications

1. 7-inch true color touch screen

2. Two control methods: program/set value

3. Sensor type: two PT100 inputs (electronic sensor input optional)

4. Output mode: voltage pulse (SSR)/control output: 2 channels (temperature/humidity)/2 channels 4-20mA analog output/16 channels relay output (passive)

5. Control signals: 8 channels IS control signals/8 channels T control signals/4 channels AL control signals

6. Alarm signal: 16 DI external obstacle alarms

7. Temperature measurement range: -90.00℃--200.00℃, (optional -90.00℃--300.00℃) error ±0.2℃

8. Humidity measurement range: 1.0%--100%RH, error ±1%RH

9. Communication interface: (RS232 or RS485, the longest communication distance is 1.2km [optical fiber can reach 30km])

10. Interface language type: English

11. Multiple signal combination relay outputs, the signals can be subjected to logical operations (NOT, AND, OR, NOR, XOR), referred to as PLC programming ability;

12. Diversified relay control methods: parameter->relay mode, relay->parameter mode, logic combination mode, composite signal mode

13. Program editing: 120 groups of programs can be programmed, and each group of programs can have a maximum of 100 segments

  1. Controller technical parameters

Accuracy: temperature ±0.1℃+1digit, humidity ±1%R.H+1digit

Resolution: temperature ±0.01℃, humidity ±0.1%R.H.

Temperature slope: 0.1~9.9 can be set.

It has upper and lower limit standby and alarm functions.

Temperature and humidity input signal dry and wet bulb PT100x2.

9 sets of P.I.D control parameter settings, P.I.D automatic calculation.

Dry and wet bulb automatic correction screen

  1. Control method

①Anti-integral saturation PID

②BTC balanced temperature control method + DCC intelligent cooling capacity control + DEC intelligent electrical control (temperature test equipment)

③BTHC balanced temperature and humidity control method + DCC intelligent cooling capacity control + DEC intelligent electrical control (temperature and humidity test equipment)

  1. Screen display function

It adopts screen conversation style, no key input is required, and the options can be directly touched on the screen.

Temperature set (SV) and actual (PV) values are directly displayed.

It can display the currently executing program number, segment, remaining time and number of cycles.

Operation accumulated time function.

The temperature program setting value is displayed in a graphic curve, with the function of real-time display of program curve execution.

It has a separate program editing screen, and at least 5 segments of temperature, humidity and time can be input on each page.

The fault prompt screen is displayed.

The screen backlight can be adjusted.

The screen display protection function can be set to timer, TIMER or manual shutdown.

  1. Program capacity and control functions

Usable program groups: maximum 120 PATTEN.

Usable memory capacity: 12000 SEGMENTS in total.

Repeatable execution of commands: each command can be executed up to 3200 times.

The program is created in a conversational style, with functions such as editing, clearing, and inserting.

SEGMENTS time setting 0~99Hour59Min.

Programmable timing control module device x2 set.

It has a power-off program memory, and automatically starts and resumes program execution after power is restored.

With RS-485 or RS-232 communication interface.

Graphical curves can be displayed in real time when the program is executed.

It has the function of automatically adjusting the freezing capacity.

It has scheduled start-up and shutdown functions.

With date and time adjustment function.

Button and screen lock (LOCK) function.

  1. Safety protection device
  1. Refrigeration system
1. Compressor overheating protection
2. Compressor overcurrent protection
3. Compressor high and low pressure protection
  1. Test chamber
1. Adjustable over temperature protection
2. Limit over-temperature protection of air conditioning channels
3. Fan motor overheat protection
  1. Other protection

1.Leakage Protection

2.Heating tube no air drying protection

3.Overload and short circuit protection

4.Power outage protection

5.Low water level protection

  1. Conditions of use
The following conditions are guaranteed by the user
  1. The installation site

1. The ground is level and well ventilated
2.No strong vibration around the equipment
3.No strong electromagnetic field around the equipment
4.No flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment
5. Appropriate use and maintenance space is left around the equipment, as shown below:

IEC60068-2-78 Constant Temperature Humidity Testing Chamber 1500L 1

A:≥40cm B:≥150cm C:≥100cm D: ≥60cm E:≥40com

  1. Environmental conditions
1. Temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
2. Relative humidity: ≤85%
3. Air pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
10.3. Power supply conditions Power supply requirements:
1. One five-core (three-phase four-wire + protective ground wire) cable (about 4 meters long)
2. Voltage range: Three phase AC 380V
3. Allowable frequency fluctuation range: (50 ± 0.5) Hz
4. The protective earth ground resistance is less than 4Ω
5. The user is required to configure the equipment with an circuit breaker (63A) of the corresponding capacity at the installation site, and this switch must be independently used by the device
10.4. Maximum current
Maximum power consumption



10.5. Others Opening the door of the test chamber during the test will cause temperature and humidity fluctuations in the chamber; if the door is opened multiple times or is left open for a long time or the test sample emits moisture during the test, the refrigeration system heat exchanger may freeze and does not work.




IEC60068-2-78 Constant Temperature Humidity Testing Chamber 1500L 2IEC60068-2-78 Constant Temperature Humidity Testing Chamber 1500L 3




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