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IEC 60068-2-6 Linear Temperature Humidity And Vibration Three Comprehensive Test Chamber 5400L

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN888-7200B-CT

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Humidity Range: 20%~98%RH Studio Size: (W×D×H)220×220×150 Cm
Commonly Used Temperatures: -40℃~+180℃ Limit Temperature: -70~+180℃
Temperature Fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃ (no Load, Constant State) Temperature Deviation: ≤±2℃ (no Load, Constant State)
Heating Time: -40℃~+180℃ About 70min, ≧3℃/min, Linear, No Load Cooling Time: +180℃~-40℃ About 70min, ≧3℃/min, Linear, No Load
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Linear Temperature Humidity Test Chamber


5400L Temperature Humidity Test Chamber


Vibration Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Product Description



IEC 60068-2-6 Linear Temperature Humidity and Vibration Three Comprehensive Test Chamber 5400L


Complied Standards & Clauses


IEC 60068-2-6:1995 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products-Part 2: Test methods Test Fc: Vibration (sinusoidal)

IEC 60068-2-1:2007 Environmental testing for electric and electric products-Part 2-1: Tests-Test A: Cold, IDT

IEC60068-2-2: 2007 Environmental Testing-Part 2-1:Tests- Test B-Dry heat, IDT

IEC60068-2-30:2005 Environmental Testing-Part 2-30:Tests-Test Db.: Damp heat, cyclic(12h+12h cycle),IDT

IEC60068-2-78:2001 Environmental Testing-Part 2-78:Tests-Test Cab: Damp heat, steady

state, IDT


Product Overview


Application: It provides a temperature and humidity changing environment for scientific research and production units such as aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, military, automobiles (motorcycles), ships, electronics, communications, power batteries and other scientific research and production units. The simulated specimens are loaded with simulated vibrations under changing temperature and humidity environmental conditions. Adaptability testing and safety testing of electronic components provide reliability testing, product screening, etc.

Features: 1.This equipment is brand new, with advanced and reasonable structural design of the test system and standardized manufacturing process. It is an independently developed product with beautiful and generous appearance.

2. The main functional components of this test chamber adopt world-famous brand configurations, the technical principles are advanced and reliable, and the noise and energy saving are optimally controlled - its performance is comparable to similar foreign products.

3. The matching and assembly of parts are well matched, and the main functional components are all imported from internationally advanced levels, which improves the safety and reliability of the product and ensures long-term and high-frequency use requirements of users.

4. The equipment has good operability, maintainability, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, and does not pollute the environment or harm human health.

5. All wires in the control cabinet have serial numbers and serial numbers printed and produced by special equipment, and the lines are clear and visible at a glance.

Technical Parameters


Main technical parameters of temperature and humidity chamber
Studio size (W×D×H)220×220×150 cm, volume 5400L
Overall dimensions (approx.)


1. Separate temperature and humidity conditions: the highest is 280CM

2. When doing vertical vibration and temperature and humidity: the height is about 360CM


--------Non-standard products are subject to the final design. The height is related to the height of the vibration table. A 2-ton vibration table is approximately 1.7 meters)

Temperature range

Commonly used temperatures: -40℃~+180℃

Limit temperature: -70~+180℃

Temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃ (no load, constant state)
Temperature deviation ≤±2℃ (no load, constant state)
Heating time -40℃~+180℃ About 70min, ≧3℃/min, linear, no load
Cooling time +180℃~-40℃ about 70min, ≧3℃/min, linear, no load
Standard load No load (in the case of single blind plate, excluding vibration table load)
Humidity range 20%~98%RH
Humidity deviation ±3%RH (when the humidity is >50%RH) ±5%RH (when the humidity is ≤50%RH)
Temperature and humidity chart
Test Methods GB/T5170
Noise A Sound level ≤80dB(A), (1m in front of the door, 1.2m above the ground, in free space)
Pollution, electromagnetic radiation Comply with relevant standard requirements
The above product operating technical data, except for the cooling speed, are all measured at room temperature of 25°C and relative humidity ≤85%R.H.
Basic working principle
Intelligent control function Intelligent control function: The central control system can automatically identify the environmental conditions outside the test chamber (such as temperature and humidity), the working conditions of the specimen in the test chamber (such as weight, heat capacity, work and heat, etc.), and the current temperature and humidity conditions in the test chamber. , thereby automatically turning on or off the corresponding working unit (such as a compressor or electric heating, humidifier, etc.) to achieve precise control of various temperatures and humidity: intelligent high and low temperature control software).
High temperature section High temperature section: The central control system performs amplification, analog/digital conversion, and nonlinear correction based on the temperature signal collected in the box, and then compares it with the temperature set value (target value). The resulting deviation signal is calculated by PID and output The adjustment signal automatically controls the output power of the heater to achieve a dynamic balance between heating and heat dissipation in the test room, ultimately achieving constant temperature.
Low temperature section (energy-saving design) Temperature balance method: Static balance technology is adopted, that is, the balance method of "no heating during cooling" and "no cooling during heating". It is different from the traditional technology of "dynamic balance of cold and heat" of high-power refrigeration against high-power heating. It adopts On-off refrigeration energy adjustment technology means that the central controller controls the cooling capacity according to different temperature points, so that the equipment always operates in a relatively low power consumption state.
Humidity Humidity works similarly to temperature.
Box structure

1. The integral detachable front and rear structure adopts the overall standard thermal insulation warehouse board, and the blocks are sealed with high and low temperature resistant organic silicone materials. It is assembled and installed on site: the front part is the working room, and the rear part is the refrigeration system and control. Cabinet, the bottom of the studio is a movable floor, equipped with 1 blind plate and 1 vertical plate each.

2. The vibration interface board is softly connected to the vibration table through a silicone rubber soft membrane, which can isolate vibration and has sealing and heat insulation functions;

3. The studio is equipped with an air supply system: air supply motor, centrifugal fan blades, heater, humidifier, refrigeration and dehumidification evaporator.

Control Panel The operation control panel is located on the right side of the box. The controller is foldable.
Shell material Processed and formed from high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, the surface is pickled and phosphated and then electrostatically sprayed
Endosome material International general SUS304# stainless steel plate
Insulation material It is made of polyurethane foam with a thickness of 100mm to ensure that there is no frost or condensation on the outer surface of the test chamber.
Door The double-door structure uses silicone rubber sealing strips, which are resistant to high and low temperatures, anti-aging, and have good sealing performance. In order to prevent condensation or frost on the door frame and the edge of the door during the low temperature test, the door frame and the edge of the door are equipped with an electric defrosting device and an explosion-proof device.
Door handle Adopting a pull-type structure and lever power opening, the switch is convenient, easy and beautiful.
Observation window There is a size: 40×33cm (width × height) hollow resistance film heating and anti-frost observation window on the door of the box.
Flashlight The observation window is equipped with a long-life controlled observation light source, which can be manually switched on and off directly, and has an automatic delay shutdown function.
Test lead holes There is a φ100mm hole on the right or left side of the box. Each hole is equipped with a special foam rubber plug. The specific position of the hole can be designed according to the actual needs of the user.
Drainage device at the bottom of the studio Condensed water from the environmental chamber must not leak onto the electromagnetic vibration table. There are sinks and drainage holes at the bottom of the box to ensure smooth drainage and all water can be drained.
Gate fixtures In order to ensure the stability of the test chamber door during transportation and handling, a door fixing device is specially provided.
Air pressure balancing device There is an air pressure balance device on the top of the working room to balance indoor air pressure fluctuations caused by vibration.
How to cooperate with a vibrating table There are three movable floor plates in the studio, equipped with a blind plate and a vertical and horizontal vibration table interface board;
Blind plate: used for separate temperature and humidity tests;
Vertical and horizontal interface boards are used for comprehensive vibration tests in the vertical or horizontal direction of the vibration table and can be used with the vibration additional table. The silicone rubber soft membrane is softly connected to the vibration table, which can isolate vibration and has sealing and heat insulation functions;
Movement method (lifting platform) The vibration table is fixed, and the test chamber is equipped with a hydraulic lifting platform or with movable casters (electrically moved). Through the left and right movement and up and down lifting of the test chamber, it can accurately connect to the vertical table, horizontal platform or idle position of the vibration table. connect.
Air conditioning system
Control method Forced air circulation and balanced temperature regulation.
Air circulation device It uses multiple centrifugal fans driven by long-axis external motors.
Heating method Nickel-chromium alloy electric heating wire heater, PID adjustment, actuator: solid state relay.
Air cooling method Fin type hydrophilic evaporator.
Humidity and anti-drip characteristics
IEC 60068-2-6 Linear Temperature Humidity And Vibration Three Comprehensive Test Chamber 5400L 0
Air duct characteristics
IEC 60068-2-6 Linear Temperature Humidity And Vibration Three Comprehensive Test Chamber 5400L 1
Cooling System
Refrigeration Compressors A set of cascade low-temperature refrigeration unit composed of 2 compressors
Main accessories for low temperature

1. Solenoid valve: "Danfoss"

2. Manual stop valve: "Danfoss"

3. Filter: "Danfoss"

4. Pressure sensor: Sino-German joint venture "Hongmu"

5. Expansion valve: "Danfoss"

6. High-efficiency condensing evaporator: "Danfoss" (brazed plate heat exchanger)

7. Oil separator: "ALCO"

8. Shock absorber tube: American "Packless"


Taiwan's "Yongqiang"


Refrigeration evaporator Taiwan's "Yongqiang" hydrophilic fin evaporator has a heat exchange efficiency that is 30% higher than that of ordinary evaporators. It has the advantages of beauty, compactness, and fast cooling.
Nitrogen filling welding process The low-temperature connecting pipeline adopts high-quality oxygen-free copper pipes, nitrogen-filled welding, and high pressure-maintaining and anti-leakage processes to ensure welding quality.

Refrigeration energy regulation technology

(energy-saving design)

Temperature balance method: Static balance technology is adopted, that is, the balance method of "no heating during cooling" and "no cooling during heating". It is different from the traditional technology of "dynamic balance of cold and heat" of high-power refrigeration against high-power heating. It adopts On-off refrigeration energy adjustment technology, that is, the central controller controls the cooling capacity according to different temperature points (i.e., the "static balance" technology of cooling without heating, heating without cooling), so that the equipment always operates at a relatively low power level. consumption status.
Cooling method Water cooling (equipped with chiller), outer dimensions: L270*W115*H200CM
Refrigerant Using R404A and R23 environmentally friendly refrigerants
Refrigeration system features

①. Using the most advanced static balancing technology, the control system controls the refrigerant flow in the range of 0 to 100%, thereby automatically adjusting the cooling capacity to achieve energy saving;

②. The imported brand exhaust bypass valve is used to automatically control the suction pressure of the compressor, such as the American Sporlan Company (or Danish Danfoss), and the Danish Danfoss thermal expansion valve is used to automatically adjust the compressor suction temperature to ensure that the compressor operates within the full range. Stable and reliable;

③. Use imported condensation pressure regulating valve to prevent low-temperature compressor exhaust pressure from being too high, such as: Denmark Danfoss

④.Use the compressor crankcase heater to reduce the mutual solubility of the refrigerant and lubricating oil inside the compressor to protect the safety of the compressor and ensure reliable operation;

⑤. A stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger is used as the evaporative condenser of the cascade refrigeration system, with small heat transfer temperature difference, high heat transfer efficiency and compact appearance;

⑥. In order to prevent the defrosted water on the compressor from flowing freely, a water collecting pan is installed at the bottom of the compressor, which is collected and discharged centrally.

⑦. All refrigeration pipes are welded with nitrogen to prevent oxide scale from forming inside the copper pipes during brazing.

Shock absorption and noise reduction system

It adopts multiple shock absorption and noise reduction designs to effectively reduce the noise caused by vibration and the deformation and leakage caused by vibration on the product:

A. Imported springs and rubber pads are used under the compressor for double shock absorption, which effectively reduces the vibration of the compressor and the resonance of the cascade compressor;

B. Install fire-resistant sound-absorbing cotton inside the outer box to further reduce noise.

C. The copper pipes of the refrigeration system adopt arc design and shock-absorbing tubes to effectively prevent the vibration of the compressor from deforming and leaking the refrigeration pipes.

The unit enclosure is covered with sound-absorbing cotton. Since the interior of the unit requires ventilation and heat dissipation, in order to reduce the airborne transmission of noise, sound baffles with oil-based sound-absorbing cotton are installed at the air inlet and outlet to reduce sound waves from being transmitted indoors through the ventilation holes.


B. Shock-absorbing hoses and compressor process pipelines with nylon pipe clamp diameters less than 10mm adopt shock-absorbing bends and remote fixation to avoid resonance; unit shock absorption:


C. A special spring damper is installed at the bottom of the refrigeration unit to reduce the transmission of compressor vibration through the solid base and ground.



D. The thermal insulation cotton plays a dual role in the insulation and air tightness of the non-metallic expansion joint of the machine (hot and cold shock test chamber). It is composed of glass fiber cloth, high silica cloth and various types of thermal insulation cotton felts. Its length and The width is consistent with the outer skin, with good extensibility and tensile strength

E. Noise reduction and vibration reduction: The fiber fabric and thermal insulation cotton body itself have the functions of sound absorption and vibration isolation, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers, fans and other systems.


Humidification/dehumidification/water supply system
Humidification method Electric steam humidification (stainless steel armored heater); actuator SSR non-contact solid state relay.
Humidity measurement method

Imported integrated Finnish "Vaisala" high-precision electronic humidity sensor

(More stable performance, high precision, and strong maintenance-free function)

Water level controller Adopt Taiwan's "Fanyi" liquid level electronic float switch.
Humidification water supply method Real-time dynamic water supply system: mainly composed of water source tank, water pump, solenoid valve, humidifier, water level controller, connecting hose, etc.
Automatic water supply system Water pump lifting + automatic water adding system (not equipped with pure water machine) can achieve the purpose of unattended operation under high temperature and high humidity for a long time.
Water pump Used to provide real-time dynamic water supply to the humidifier to meet the needs of humidification and maintaining the humidity in the box;
Pressure balancing device Our company's test chambers are all equipped with pressure balancing devices to keep the pressure inside and outside the chamber basically the same to ensure the accuracy and stability of humidity.
Dehumidification system Condensation method dehumidification: A dehumidification evaporator is installed in the box, so that the water vapor in the air in the working room condenses into water on the dehumidifying evaporator and is discharged out of the box, reducing the relative humidity of the working room.
Humidification water Deionized water or distilled water is equipped with a large-capacity water storage device to ensure long-term humidification water, and automatic water addition can be achieved.
Electrical control system
Temperature and humidity measurement method

Temperature collection uses Class A high-precision Pt100 armored platinum resistors;

Humidity: High-precision electronic humidity sensor (more stable performance, high precision, and extremely maintenance-free function)

Refrigeration pressure monitoring The test chamber is equipped with a pressure sensor for detecting the working conditions of the compressor to detect the real-time dynamic pressure during the operation of the compressor. Using our company's special software and excellent working principles, the compressor is always in a benign working condition, which can greatly Improve the reliability of the refrigeration system and extend the service life of its core components (such as compressors, solenoid valves, etc.); at the same time, you can also check the static pressure of the refrigeration system to facilitate professional engineers to maintain the equipment.
Temperature and humidity controller Using Xinbao: 7-inch (resolution 800×480) TFT Chinese color LCD touch human-machine interface and "Omron" company's high-performance programmable controller (PLC), which can directly input, display, and control temperature, and is equipped with our company's Special software for the test chamber, the control system adopts human-machine dialogue mode; it has automatic, intelligent and humanized design. The control system adopts a two-channel input and two-channel output control method to control temperature and humidity respectively. It can display and set test parameters, program curves, working time, and the working status of heaters, humidifiers, refrigeration units, and fans.
It also has the functions of automatic operation of test programs and self-tuning of PID parameters; it can automatically combine heating system, humidification/dehumidification system, refrigeration system, circulating fan, over-temperature alarm and other subsystems to ensure the high control quality of the entire temperature/humidity control system. .
Mainly perform electrical appliances

1. AC contactor: "ABB"

2. Circuit breaker: "ABB"

3. Thermal relay: "ABB"

4. Small relay: "Omron"

5. Solid state relay: Taiwan Shiyan

Human-computer dialogue interface Color touch-type human-machine interface and high-performance programmable controller (PLC). The controller has a three-level password protection function. Entering different passwords has different operating permissions to avoid shutdown due to human touch.
Display method LCD color liquid crystal display, touch control. English interface
Display accuracy Temperature 0.1℃, time 1min, humidity 0.1%RH
Program storage capacity

(1) Up to 127 programs, super long running time

(2) 999 hours per segment, maximum 32,000 cycles

(3) Each command can be used 9999 times. Time: 0~99 hours and 59 minutes

The graphic curve can be displayed in real time when the program is executed. The displayed content is: temperature setting (SV) actual (PV) value, program execution cycle, program curve execution function, segment operation time, segment number time, operation time, remaining time, fault status and failure time, with file skip and hold functions during program execution;

How the system operates program running mode, constant running mode
Data Display The equipment has year, month, day and time display, the total running time of the equipment, the running time of program segments, and the display of cooling water temperature.
Accident details Display fault status and possible cause analysis.
Regular maintenance information Daily maintenance and periodic maintenance item lists pop up regularly to remind and guide operators to perform regular equipment maintenance.
Control function Upper and lower limit temperature protection functions (acoustic and visual alarm devices), the control system also has self-detection and self-diagnosis functions, automatic fault display and alarm; automatic running and stop timing functions; self-diagnosis function, with multiple power-off recovery modes. After the test is completed, it has automatic shutdown and sound and light prompts.
Remote monitoring

The built-in USB interface can download historical curves and historical data - it can replace the recorder and support RS485, LAN (network port), GPRS (mobile phone) and other communication methods (standard RS232 or USB) to facilitate remote monitoring and data collection. It can realize remote communication management between central control instrument and computer. After the machine is connected, the operation of the equipment and parameters such as temperature and humidity can be continuously monitored through the computer. (A maximum of 32 devices can be connected online).

USB function: USB2.0, can record and download test operation data, equipped with a USB flash drive (capacity 4G)

Communication function

(1) Large storage space, 3 months of data can be saved when turned on 24 hours a day

(2) The sampling size is 1M, which can replace computer storage

The built-in USB interface can download historical curves and historical data - it can replace the recorder and support RS485, LAN (network port), GPRS (mobile phone) and other communication methods to facilitate remote monitoring and data collection.

USB function: USB2.0, can record and download test operation data, equipped with a USB flash drive (capacity 4G)

The equipment running indicator light A three-color sound and light alarm is installed on the top of the electrical control cabinet, which can display the three statuses of equipment running, stopping, and alarming.
Equipment usage conditions
Humidification water Use pure water, distilled water, deionized water, resistivity ≥500Ω.m
Voltage AC 380V±10%, 50 Hz, three-phase four-wire and ground wire
Installed power 126KW, including chiller 28KW
Ambient temperature 5~35℃
Environment humidity < 85%R.H(25℃)
Atmospheric pressure 86~106Kpa
Venue requirements The equipment should be placed horizontally in a well-ventilated test room, with sufficient space around it for operation and maintenance; it is best to have a drainage floor drain near the test box.
Installation layout dimensions







IEC 60068-2-6 Linear Temperature Humidity And Vibration Three Comprehensive Test Chamber 5400L 2
Environmental conditions There is no strong vibration, no strong electromagnetic field interference, no high concentration of dust and corrosive substances around the equipment site, and no direct sunlight or direct radiation from other heat sources.



IEC 60068-2-6 Linear Temperature Humidity And Vibration Three Comprehensive Test Chamber 5400L 3IEC 60068-2-6 Linear Temperature Humidity And Vibration Three Comprehensive Test Chamber 5400L 4

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