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IEC60529 IP5/6X EV Charge Station Walk-In Sand & Dust Test Chamber

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN441C-24F

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Detail Information

Inner Chamber Dimensions: 2000*3000*4000mm (W*D*H) Outer Chamber Dimensions: 3000*38000*5000 Mm(W*D*H)
Applied Standard: IEC60529 Dust Composition: Talcum Powder
Effective Volume: 24 M³ Dust Concentration: 2~4kg/ M³
Air Flow Meter: Mechanical Type Cooling Rate: No More Than 2m/s
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IEC60529 Sand Dust Test Chamber


Walk In Sand Dust Test Chamber

Product Description



IEC60529 IP5/6X EV Charge Station Walk-In Sand & Dust Test Chamber



Complied Standards & Clauses


IEC60529:2013 "Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP code)" IP5X and IP6X.



Equipment Overview


This equipment is suitable for testing electronic and electrical products, automobile and motorcycle accessories, and seals in sandy and dusty environments to prevent sand and dust from entering the seals and casings. Test the performance of electronic and electrical products, automobile and motorcycle parts, and seals in use, storage, and transportation in sandy and dusty environments. The purpose of the testing is to determine the possible harmful effects that airflow-borne particles may have on electrical products. The test can be used to simulate open-air sand and dust air environmental conditions caused by natural environments or man-made disturbances such as vehicle movement.



Technical Parameters


Volume and dimensions
Effective volume of inner chamber About 24 cubic meters
Inner chamber dimensions 2000*3000*4000mm (W*D*H)
Outer chamber dimensions About 3000*3800*5000 mm(W*D*H) (Including trench size)
Trench size The trench size is W3300*D3700*H1200. Please see the attached picture for details (including 500mm aisle size)
Test sample specifications

Charging stations, electrical cabinets, energy storage cabinets

The size range is not larger than: W (260~2000) × D (200~1000) × H (1000~3000) mm

IEC60529 IP5/6X EV Charge Station Walk-In Sand & Dust Test Chamber 0

Function parameters
Working room temperature RT+10℃~+70℃
Working humidity ≤75%R.H
Product vacuum degree ≤60KPa
Dust composition Talcum powder
Composition of dust particles Dry talcum powder that can pass through a square hole sieve with a mesh size of 75µm and a wire mesh diameter of 50µm
Dust concentration 2~4kg/m3
Air flow meter Mechanical type
Airflow speed Not more than 2m/s
Time of control Dust blowing control cycle: 1s ~ 99h (adjustable), test time timing: 1s ~ 99h (adjustable), vibration time: 1S ~ 99H (adjustable)
Metal mesh Nominal line length: ≥50μm, standard spacing between lines: ≥75μm.
Sand and dust air circulation device Circulation air ducts and high-power mixed-flow ventilators have an air extraction volume of 80 times the tested shell volume, and the air extraction speed does not exceed 60 times the shell volume per hour. And the speed of the air flow can make the dust evenly distributed in the test chamber. The airflow in the test chamber is mainly top-down vertical airflow rather than laminar flow. The pressure gauge has a calibration interface.
Load-bearing capacity of cargo platform Not less than 500kg
Dust drying system The equipment is equipped with a dust drying heating device, and there is a heating button on the controller control screen. When the dust is found to be a little moist during the test, you can turn on the heating button in the control screen and start the dust heating device to dry the dust. The button can be turned off after the dust has dried. The drying process will not affect the test process, effectively ensuring the dust concentration in the test chamber and ensuring the accuracy of the test data.
How to change dust Use a manual vacuum cleaner to replace the dust manually, and the dust can be easily replaced at any time
Product Features


1. The equipment is a walk-in structure with spliced warehouse boards. There is a funnel in each of the four corners. The middle flat adopts a dust brush structure. The side-through dust brush structure brushes dust into the funnels on both sides.

2. There is a rotating sand and dust feeding device at the air inlet end of the working room to meet the needs of dust blowing.

3. The circulating air duct is equipped with a heating and dehumidification device.

4. There is an observation window on the door. The test box has double doors and is sealed with double layers of aging-resistant silicone rubber.

5. The outer wall material of the test room and whirlpool duct is made of high-strength double-sided galvanized steel plate with fine powder baking paint on the surface. The inner wall is processed and formed by SUS304 stainless steel plate. The frame is made of 10# square tube after anti-rust treatment and spraying.

6. Temperature and humidity control uses an intelligent controller (relative humidity uses a direct-reading sensor) (panel control uses a touch screen).


Dust blowing method from top to bottom (vertical), the dust blowing time can be controlled by program.


IEC60529 IP5/6X EV Charge Station Walk-In Sand & Dust Test Chamber 1


Cabinet Configuration


a) Shell: Made of 1.0mm high-quality color steel plate, the outer surface is painted, and the color is white.

b) Insulation layer: 100mm polyurethane foam.

C) Inner chamber: Made of 1.2mm thick SUS 304 stainless steel plate.


IEC60529 IP5/6X EV Charge Station Walk-In Sand & Dust Test Chamber 2



Loading Platform


Loading platform load ≥500kg (unloaded), there are guide rails inside and outside the chamber, so that the sample car can be pushed directly into the inner chamber from the outside.

Chamber door: --1 set of manual double doors, with a large observation window and a dust wiper on the door.

                       --Install one observation window for each door (2 pieces in total).

                       --The observation window uses multi-layer explosion-proof glass.

                       --Install double-layer high and low temperature resistant sealing silicone strips on the door.



Details Introduction



Dust test device

a) A funnel (4 pieces in total) is installed at each of the four corners of the studio, 2 funnels in the middle (6 funnels in total), and a metal dust filter is installed on the upper surface of the funnel.

b) A set of rotating devices is designed between the lower part of the loading platform and the bottom plate of the warehouse, and the dust is swept into the funnels at the four corners through dust brushes.

c) A high-power mixed-flow fan is installed at the bottom of the funnel to send the dust to the working room through the circulating air duct for settlement.

d) Meet the dust blowing test requirements of IP5X and IP6X. The dust blowing airflow in the test room can make the dust evenly suspended and distributed in the test chamber. The blowing dust concentration is 2~4kg/m3 (adjustable). The test dust settles evenly and slowly on the substrate. On the test sample, it does not exceed 2m/s (adjustable).

Test hole

a) The equipment is equipped with φ50 mm test holes (one on the left and right of the machine with a diameter of 50mm)

b) The test hole is equipped with sealant plug and stainless steel hole cover.


a) Install LED lighting fixtures on the top of the studio for observation.

b) The lighting switch button is designed on the control panel of the control cabinet.

c) The normal use time of the lighting lamp is ≥1000H.

Vacuum system

a) Vacuum pump: single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump (2HP)

b) Sensor: Equipped with an electronic differential pressure sensor, which can control the differential pressure of the test piece through a pressure regulating valve to meet the corresponding test requirements.

c) The vacuum system consists of a vacuum pump, vacuum pipeline, vacuum U-shaped pressure indicator, air flow meter, etc. Equipped with pressure gauge, air filter, pressure regulating triple piece and connecting pipe.

d) Vacuum pipeline: The pipeline system consists of copper pipes, rubber hoses, and air filter pressure regulating valves.

e) U-shaped pressure indicator gauge: differential pressure display.

f) Air flow meter: Glass rotor flow meter measures evacuation rate (at least 5 vacuum pressure channels)

Dust drying system

a) A heating system is designed inside the studio for dehumidification during testing.

b) The heater uses finned stainless steel heating tubes, which are fixed on the left and right sides of the box, and the surface is protected by perforated stainless steel plates.

c) The heater is driven by a solid-state relay and automatically adjusted through PID to control the temperature in the working room.

d) The drying process will not affect the test process.

Control cabinet

a) Configure an independent control cabinet for installing electrical components.

b) The control cabinet is placed in a convenient place for operation according to user needs.

Sample entry and exit methods Manually or by forklift
Others The shell to be tested is placed in the test chamber, and a vacuum pump is used to keep the pressure inside the shell below atmospheric pressure. The air pressure in the test chamber can also be changed to achieve periodic changes in the air pressure in the test chamber.

Control System


Controller Programmable LCD touch screen controller that can record laboratory temperature and relative humidity
Program execution With four output points, four different time program executions can be completed at the same time
Time control Each output point of the programmable controller has two time period controls (i.e. start time and stop time)
Time control method The dust blower, dust vibration and total test time can be controlled individually or collectively.
Test time The maximum is 9999 minutes
Communication interface RS-232C(Optional),RS-485(Optional)
Temperature measurement High-precision Class A PT100 platinum resistance sensor
Conditions of use and protective devices
Conditions of use

a) Environmental requirements: ambient temperature: -5℃~40℃; relative humidity: ≤90%RH; atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

b) Power requirements: Voltage: 380V AC (±10%), three-phase wire + protective ground wire, ground resistance ≤ 4Ω

Frequency: 50Hz±10%

c) Operating power: about 26KW, subject to final design

Protection devices

a) Air switch: overcurrent, overheating and short circuit.

b) Heating system: leakage, short circuit and overload protection, etc.

c) Studio:

Adjustable over-temperature protection --- over-temperature protection mode 1

The controller sets over-temperature shutdown alarm --- over-temperature protection mode 2

d) Total power supply phase sequence and phase loss protection

e) Leakage protection

f) Equipped with three-color lights with sound and light alarm function and door locking function

g) When the protection function is implemented, the operation panel will display the alarm number on the LCD display to inform the user what kind of fault has occurred and cut off the main circuit power supply. The equipment can only be started after the fault is eliminated.

h) There is an interlock device in the electrical control system. When the circulation fan does not start or is overloaded, the refrigeration unit and heating system cannot start. The refrigeration unit will be disabled when the unit is under ultra-high pressure, ultra-low pressure, or overload, and the humidifier cannot be started when there is water shortage.

i) Auxiliary functions: time signal function, input disconnection detection function, power outage protection function, upper and lower limit temperature and humidity alarm function, refrigeration system automatic operation function, self-diagnosis function, water cutoff detection function, alarm display function, timing function (automatic start, automatic stop), backup operation function, help function

Equipment requirements Includes third-party calibration (optional)

Control Interface


IEC60529 IP5/6X EV Charge Station Walk-In Sand & Dust Test Chamber 3


Main Accessories List


No. Name Brand Quality
1 Touch screen MCGS 1 PC
3 AC contactor Schneider 1 SET
4 Intermediate relay Omron 1 PC
5 light button HONGBO 1 SET
6 Alarm buzzer HONGBO 1 PC
7 Emergency stop switch HONGBO 1 PC
8 China Red Wave (self-locking) HONGBO 1 PC
9 Overcurrent protector Schneider 1 PC
10 Main power switch (circuit switch) Schneider 1 PC
11 Switching power suppl MEANWELL 1 PC
12 Three-phase asynchronous motor Jiuzhou 1 PC
13 Vibration motor Chuangxin 1 SET
14 Vortex air pump VALUE 1 PC
15 Air flow meter LZT Juyi 1 PC

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