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ISO 12405 Walk In Environmental Test Chamber Salt Mist Spray Corrosion Cyclic Chamber

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN8810C

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Plywood case
Delivery Time: 60 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
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Inner Chamber Size: Can Be Customized Internal Chamber Material: SUS316L# Stainless Steel
Salt Spray Deposition: 1~3ml/(h.80cm2) Adjustable Salt Spray Method: Intermittent, Continuous
Temperature Range: RT~+70℃ Temperature Deviation: ±2℃
Humidity Range: 20%~98%R.H Applied Standard: ISO 12405, IEC 60068 And Etc.
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IEC 60068 Environmental Test Chamber


ISO 12405 Environmental Test Chamber


Cyclic walk in environmental chamber

Product Description



ISO 12405 Salt-Mist Spray Corrosion Test Chamber for Electrical Vehicle Components


Complied Standards & Clauses

ISO 12405-3: 2014 (Electrically propelled road vehicles-Test specification for

-ion traction battery packs and system—Part 3: Safety performance requirements)


IEC 60068-2-11: 1981 (Basic environmental testing procedures—Part 2: tests—Test Ka: Salt mist, IDT), IEC 60068-2-52: 1996 and etc.


Equipment Overview

It is mainly used for the salt spray corrosion resistance of automobile power battery packs, automobile assembly parts and parts, etc.; it can simulate the marine climate and assess the salt spray corrosion resistance of automobile assembly parts and parts products and their protective layers.


Technical Parameters

Internal test chamber size Approx. 2500×2500×3000mm (W×D×H), the size can be customized
External chamber size Approx. 3200×3600×4200 mm(W×D×H)
Temperature range Normal temperature~+70℃ (adjustable)
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature deviation ±2℃
The speed of temperature rise/fall

Temperature rise: 5℃/min

Temperature fall: 5℃/min

Humidity range 20%~98%R.H
Humidity deviation



The amount of salt spray deposition 1~3ml/(h.80cm2)adjustable,(average amount within 16 hours)
Spray method Intermittent, continuous
Salt spray test process

①Spray salt fog at 15℃~+35℃ for 2h,

②Temperature (40±2)℃, relative humidity (93±3)%, leave it for 20-22h;

③Temperature (23±2)℃, relative humidity 45%~55%, leave it for 3 days.

A cycle composed of phase ① and phase ②. After repeating 4 cycles, proceed to phase ③ to form a test cycle. 4 test cycles are completed during the test.

Power Voltage AC 380V±10%, 50Hz±5%, three-phase four-wire system + grounding wire
The chamber structure characteristics
Structural method Adopt split structure. That is, the test chamber, the refrigeration unit, the salt spray unit, the brine tank, and the electric control box are independently placed and assembled on site. The test chamber is equipped with an air-conditioning room and a salt spray room. The air-conditioning room consists of a forced blast circulation system, a refrigeration system, a heating system, a humidification/dehumidification system, and etc. There are 8 sets of baffle-type devices which are installed in the salt spray room and a constant temperature heating device is installed at the bottom.
External chamber material High-quality SUS304 stainless steel, electrostatic spraying on the surface, material thickness 1.5mm
Internal chamber material Adopt acid-alkaline resistant material SUS316L# stainless steel. Material thickness 1.5mm
Insulation material Adopt rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer
The top plate of internal chamber Install a 120-degree oblique water baffle on the ceiling of the chamber to prevent the condensed water on the top from dripping directly to the sample
The bottom plate of the internal chamber Reinforced bottom plate (built-in a number of reinforced sleepers), bearing capacity ≥1500kg/m² (uniform load)
Door Adopt double-door structure
Observation-window There are 2 observation windows on the doors. Size:400*500mm(W*H), they are hollow resistive film heating anti-frost observation window
Test lead hole The left size on the chamber matches a test ofφ100mm which is equipped with a special cover.
Pressure balance device There are two balance windows on the top of the studio to keep the studio in balance with the outside air pressure.
Guide rail and caging device Guide function rails are set on the left and rights sides of the test chamber, and a caging function device is set on the bottom of the rear end.
Trolley Load trolley
Illumination The top of the studio is equipped with 2 strong LED lights, which are projected into the working room through the transparent window on the top of the box, and they are controlled by independent switch
Condensed outlet With outlet holes for condensate water in the air-conditioning room and unit condensate
Overflow hole There matches a condensate drainage ditch around the working chamber, and the condensed water is collected and drained out of the working chamber through an overflow hole to reach the wastewater treatment area (The pipelines from the equipment to the wastewater treatment area is responsible by the user)
Salt water spray simulation system
Salt-fog settlement 1.0~3.0ml/80cm2.h (adjustable)
PH value of acid and alkali Between 6.5 and 7.2
Nozzle The nozzle is made of special quartz glass, and the special customized baffle spray device can change the precipitation of salt mist by adjusting the angle of the baffle and the size of the air flow.
Spray method Airflow spray, continuous/interval arbitrary
Brine tank Need to configure corrosion-resistant brine tank (plastic).
Continuous spray time It requires to be equipped with a large salt water poor for the test chamber which can ensure continuous spraying for more than 60 hours without adding salt water.
Spray system

There are the processes of spray device: Adopt the high-pressure air supplied by the air source system to eject the salt water from the salt water replenishment system, the ejection effect is generated when the nozzle is sprayed at a high speed, the salt water is sucked up by the principle of siphon to mix with the air to produce a stray mist.

Because the mist contains some unatomized water droplets, the sprayed mist airflow cannot be directly introduced into the test chamber, so it should be hit on a salt spray baffle first to break the unatomized water droplets into mist or block the excess salt mist back so that the sprayed mist is really fine mist without water droplets. The amount of salt spray deposition is directly related to the salt water supply and air supply pressure, and the angle of the baffle.

Air pressure adjustment There should have dual pressure adjustment and protection, and the operator can choose continuous or periodic spraying. The inlet pressure is controlled at 0.2~0.4Mpa.
Spray pressure Controlled at 0.05~0.17MPa or spray pressure: 1.00±0.01kgf/cm2 (air compressor is configured by user).
Salt fog reclaimer Set a funnel on the side of the equipment to connect to the outdoors through a flexible conduit, which is convenient for observing the settlement volume and ditching the PH value of acid and alkali.

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